Does my MC deserve a happy ending?

He has blood on his hands, but he only kills bad guys (murderers). He has a strong sense of justice but also a god complex. He believes that God has chosen him to exact justice on whoever he thinks deserves it. He doesn’t hurt people out of sadism though.

The story has a realistic setting in the 21st century, so homicide is illegal.

Note (for the choices below) if this helps: his loved one is also a criminal (but not a murderer) who committed crimes for survival, but stuffs happened, and they’ve come to accept each other. Actually, he’s the only criminal my MC tolerates.

Should my MC…

  • get a happy ending with his loved one by his side
  • go to jail (but get released a couple of years later)
  • go to jail and spend life in prison
  • get killed
  • escape authorities but become a fugitive
  • other (please comment below)

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Note: ignore my choice.

A Boondock Saints feel. I dig it. I’m getting all the quotes just floating around my head.

“Anybody you think is evil? Don’t you guys think that’s a little weird? A little psycho?”

In that movie, they escaped and lived their lives as fugitives, before eventually coming back when someone begins to taunt them out of hiding.

Realistically, if they are charged with even one murder, they aren’t getting out any time soon. Though the guys in the movie end up in Prison at the end of the second one, it’s sort of like Candy Land for them, a place filled with evil they can unleash their vigilante ways on.

I’m going for either ‘life in prison’ or ‘on the run’.

It’s a good movie. You should watch it.

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Yes, I’m looking it up right now, actually. :joy: Just the quote alone makes me want to watch it.

I like how this is sort of a happy ending for them.

Can’t give them anything less than a happy ending when I’ve given my two mafias one lol They’re worse.


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Could go a bitter sweet? Some redemption, but not quite happy?

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It really is a happy ending for them, in a twisted effed up way.

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So many great quotes.

“Christ, you guys could do this every god damn day.”

“We’re sort of like 7/11. We’re not always doing business, but we’re always open.”

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Like jail time or something else?

So accurate :joy:


I kind of feel like watching it again tonight, but I really should do some writing.


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Watch it :slight_smile: Maybe it will inspire you.

Sounds intriguing, let me know how it finishes!

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Sure! I’ll let you know when it’s done :slight_smile:

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b u m p

I’ve seen it like twenty times and have like three copies of it.

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Lol, that will soon be me too.

Meets a priest who convinces him that God doesn’t support his ways. Or a rival police man who shows him that he can’t just take the law in his hands, his crime isn’t non-existent because victim is murderer and his hands are bloodied (perhaps by proving one of his victims innocent??). MC is guilt-tripped, surrenders himself to jail. I think that’s how Robin Hood ended too? Something like that, a classic tearful end lol

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Hmmm… you’ve got some interesting ideas…

How do you think the MC’s romantic relationship should conclude?