Does "Share Your Story" Work?

I’m trying to break what seems to be a lifelong curse- literally nobody reads my work, much less subscribing or commenting. The story I posted here never broke 25 reads (although I doubt I’d have gotten more than one per update had I been able to continue), and I’ve had the same problem on other sites as well. Nobody subscribed, or even bothered to comment.

Short version, if I list a story in “Share Your Story,” will it actually help me get views, and maybe comments? I don’t have enough money for a professional editing/reviewing, advertising, or a real cover artist. So posting in “Share Your Story” is literally the only new thing I have access to.


Doing a read for read will help bring your work to others: people will rarely do something for nothing, and it’s a great way for two people to at least get some more views, or at the most, a new book to read.

You gotta be proactive, and not just expect people to flock to you: they won’t know about your story otherwise!


i have been having the same problem any pointers in what to do??

It happens the same to me and it’s so frustrating


It takes a lot. Advertising in the SYS threads, being active in the forums, finding writing buddies, joining book clubs, read for reads, leaving comments and votes on stories you’ve read and liked… I’ve done all of these things except joining book clubs and one of my stories has seen moderate success. Another thing I think helps is having your story complete. Complete stories seem to get more reads than incomplete because people don’t have to risk being left on cliffhangers if the story is never completed

It’s a lot of work, and in the end it still takes a bit of luck


What the heck is a read for read?

And how do I, a completely unnoticed nobody, approach someone for that without sounding completely self- serving and/or creepy?


It’s when you offer to read a certain amount of someone’s story in exchange for them to read the same amount as yours. For example: I’ll read 3 chapters of your story if you read 3 chapters of mine

This is totally normal, especially in the Critiques and feedback thread. Usually read for reads means you’ll leave feedback on others’ stories so they know you actually read it. So don’t think it’s creepy. It’s 100% normal


Use everything you can. There are lots of people on the Wattpad Community itself who start threads requesting book recommendations. And a lot of them have self-advertising, as well, so for it. Such people are more likely to read than the standard threads started by the Ambassadors. This is my observation, but I could be wrong.

Also, find writing communities on other social media and share your links there. There is a great community on Twitter and a lot of them are also on Wattpad, so they’re more likely to check out your story if you reach out to them. Display your Wattpad link on your social media accounts. There’s a chance that people will click on it and find something interesting to read. Start with adding it to your profile here on the Community.

All the best! I hope this advice proves helpful. It’s what I’ve been trying for the past three years and I’m still struggling, although I did have some progress.

This though:

Very, very true.


I stopped using it because the answer is “not really.”

Why? SYS clubs are on—by definition, a chat for WRITERS not READERS.

85% of readers are on mobile. Mobile does not have the “Community” Tab. Plus, why would they go to a “Writers” forum? They’re readers.

I’d say at least 75% of readers—maybe more—don’t even know wattpadwriters exists, let alone the SYS threads are there

Over the 3 years I actually posted in SYS, I gained 0 readers in 3 different genres.


By the same token, how do I get the motivation to finish yet another story that nobody’s ever going to read or comment on?

I mean, if I was writing Litfic, then that’s to be expected because of the nature of Litfic. But I’m not.

Ok, so this may be me being a former substitute teacher, but I really don’t want people following me from one social media platform to another. I’ve had kids from my former jobs stalking me, and it’s absolutely not fun. At least for me. They had a great time. Social media needs firewalls.

Well then, expect a very slow progress. I can’t think how one achieves popularity without some sacrifices.

Sorry, that sounded harsh, but I think it’s the truth. Do let me know if someone can think up a solution.


If your motivation to write is to purely get attention, then - to be blunt - don’t write. Write because you enjoy to write. Write because you love to tell stories, relate with people, make art out of words, teleport in to a world you created, teleport people to your world. Writing purely for fame and attention will get exhausting and lack for true passion will shine through your work


Those firewalls are called pennames. You may need to open an alternate Twitter account for writing and start building a following there that is the #amwriting #amediting #amquertying community.


I agree with this totally.


Believe me, people won’t see it this way. Like, ever. It is that common. :slight_smile:

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please can you tell us the twitter group name here on wattpad so we can follow it

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Best way to build an audience here: form relationships. Give the type of feedback you would want to receive.

Join bookclubs to this end. Don’t be defensive if someone gives you advice (they’ll stop any feedback really fast if you do that).

But you have to invest in others here before they start investing in you.


Summary: Some hard work and some sacrifice is required in order to succeed. And success doesn’t come overnight, which I think you already know. So, like @SapphireAlena said, if you don’t want people who know you personally to not know about your writer-self and still want to succeed, then make a pen name. Do whatever you can, within limits, to achieve your goal.


#WritingCommunity - search for that on Twitter.

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