Does story ranks important?


Hey guys!
I’m kind of curious in regards to the ranking thing in wattpad. Does this thing help your story to notice or not? Or what’s the purpose in it?
Sorry, I 'm new to this stuff and still adjusting with this new wattpad right now.


The stories ranking the highest in the tags are noticed the first since they are placed above all other stories ranking less


So does this ranking thing helps promote your story? Or it’s just a fancy stuff thing


Think of it in this way, the first thing you see is the highest ranking story so you will probably read that one first. In other words yes, it does promote your story


Ohh got it, thanks for clarifying it.




Currently the algorithm on ranking is unknown. It does help with discovery, though. Ranking higher means when people search for a tag they should see your story before others in that tag. :smile_cat:

Currently the ranks are broken but the Wattpad team is working hard on it. You can see updates from Gabby on this thread:

There’s also lots more great information on rankings and how they affect your story/discover-ability in this article!