Does the first story you wrote make you cringe now?



I’m just now writing my first story! I haven’t even finished the first chapter and I’m already cringing sooooo hard at how cheesy and cliched it is


Give it your best lol everything’s a learning experience


The first draft of my first story was definitely cringe worthy, but I re-wrote it and it became my debut novel.

I just want to encourage you and say that if you believe in the story, never give up and don’t let it be lost in the bottom of a drawer.


My first story was called I’m Being Haunted by My Best Friend or something like that. It was on YouTube. I removed it years ago because it was so bad.

The writing in that story looked like this.

em: im hauntin u bc i cant leave u alone with him.
mon: stop hauntin me! i luv him.

I am not proud but that’s how I started. I think I’ve come far eight years later.


Honestly, I’d love to still have my first attempts at writing fiction. Those stories would have been cringy garbage no doubt, but they’re my cringy garbage, you know. So I still feel a sense of loss at them being gone. Not to mention, its hella inspiring to see how far you’ve come, when feeling down.


My first writing on Wattpad or my first writing attempt? The writing style of my first attempts would make me cringe but not the plot lines.
My first writing on Wattpad is a poorly written Artemis Fowl fanfic that combined elements of Artemis Fowl and Maximum Ride into a cringy sis!fic (it wasn’t a self-insert though) plot that included a lot of defenestration. It’s still posted and people still read and vote on it for some reason.


I wrote my 1st chapter book at the age of 10 in 4th grade. And it’s absolutely terrible. A few years ago, I looked back at it and laughed so much at how silly it was. It was about a girl that was kidnapped. One of the things that made me laugh the most was the fact that parents made a bet with the king that he wouldn’t be able to find their daughter within 5 years. I’m sure I could go back and make improvements.


I wrote my first book when I was 7, needless to say that it was a childish craze. It doesn’t make me cringe, I find it rather cute when I read it again, it’s a poetry collection and, although my convictions and style have radically changed in years, I still see my personal signature in my first texts what’s heart-warming. My first story, I remember it very well, was a science-fiction story, I wrote it not long after my first poetry collection, it was a disaster but back then I was proud of myself, I think it was the only time I was proud of my work, I became very perfectionist and megalomaniac with years. I think the same goes for my current works, although the majority of them have been published and complimented, I will look at them in the future and gag :crazy_face:


I feel you. My first computer broke down and I lost all my trash. I love my trash! However, wattpad still has my first story in my library on the mobile app. I actually read it yesterday and it was hilarious. I miss eight grade me. She was posting trash without any doubts or second guessing.


I still have all of my journals from before Wattpad tucked away. It was so poor and while some of the ideas are worthy of a redo and an updated style of writing, to do so would tarnish the child-like charm.

My first Wattpad book from five years ago is still available to read and I wonder how it is so popular. I love that I was so bold in putting it up and never feeling doubtful of it. Now, as much as I love my current work in progress, all I do is seek the approval my childish self never sought before.


If anyone says no then you are lying. I read through my first book, also my most read book(on my old acc,) and I had to stop reading. It was horrible, I’m glad to see my writing has improved greatly though.


I laugh hysterically and cringe.


I’m not sure if I would be able to laugh, I was cringing so hard that I literally felt physically ill while reading it.


Oh wow, it was that bad? I’ve never felt sick reading my work.


it’s so funny!! like “what in the world was i thinking??”.


Totally cringe, but hilarious…like Sharknado.


I tend to have high standards, so for someone else it might so be a normal cliche, but to me I felt like I wanted to jump in a volcano. I guess it was a classic werewolf cliche, and I honestly can’t believe I put my writers through that. The plot lowkey wasn’t bad though.


Can you salvage the plot?


Yeah, but I’m really enjoying the current werewolf book I’m writing. It is my first story in 3rd person, and it is exteremly different from a normal werewolf book. I am freaking loving it as the author and reader.


Bless third person and original stories!