Does this look good?

I made a cover using It is an attempt. I just want to be able to make decent looking covers for myself till I find cover designers. I don’t want to wait. Also this a cover for a plot bunny. help

It’s just a text slap. I just want to know if it looks decent enough?

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Is the text centered?

Now that it is all zoomed up, I guess it is not. ;-; well, an attempt. I tried

I do like it, but I think the spacing of the letters is an issue. I read it as “BE YO ND”, rather than “BEYOND”.

I recommend using the spacing slider to make the letters closer together.

Welp, at least you tried.

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Hey! Thanks. I know it is not good. I just wanted it to be decent enough as a filler. I’ll try bringing the letters together. Thank you again.

You have the option to center it tho

What’s stopping you from being able to find cover designers?

I did this on app. XD I’ll try it on web later on. I am trying to find a way of quick and efficient

No, I can find cover makers. It is just for in case they delay things and I want to publish.

Ah, I see.

Well… if you ever need a cover, I run a cover shop. I’ve been making covers for ~2 years.

When I have free time, it takes me anywhere from 5-15 minutes to slap a cover together.

Oh. You do? :o I didn’t know. I knew you were good at coding and I saw that you had a username thread (?) in the MDC.

Thanks for the offer! If I decide to publish this. I’ll ask you. Probably ask you to rip the story apart first :joy:

Yep! My username thread in the MDC is a joint username/cover shop thread.

No problem! I have summer break in about two weeks from now, so I’ll have lots of time soon.

Ohhhh I didn’t actually check it out. I am not sure if I will post it soon. I am still concentrating on the current story I’m writing. need to finish this faaast

This is going to be short-ish story tho. So let’s see.

Best of luck!

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You can also put some shadow behind your letters it gives more depth :wink: but the word “beyond” and the space pic match totally!

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not a bad start! background pic is gorgeous. i agree with the other comments; it could be more readable if you reduced the line height my best friend’s name is omaima too aha