Does this sound like a good story idea?

I am trying to write a High Fantasy story, and I want some advice on if its a good idea or not…

So basically their is this war over religions. There is one that believes in “The Father” Who is trying to take over the others, the “Mother” Religion and the “Spirits” Religion.

The main character is a half-elf named Ayda. Their are three diffrent magics in this world, and it turns out due to her Elven blood and human blood she has all three magics.

Her and an she-elf named Aenwyn end up on this quest to try and find these two artifacts that can help them push back the conquering kingdom and make sure the kingdoms of Awas and the elven wilderness stay free.

Also, I’m thinking of having some small amount of romance between Ayda and Aenwyn. It feels right.

Help? Suggestions?


It sounds interesting! I’m not incredibly into religious war books or really fantasy war books in general so my opinion is a bit skewed. My only advice is that since there are a ton of books that have this sort of war and this sort of ‘unique’ character you definitely want to make it stand out above the other stories with something different, something the other stories haven’t fully explored yet with regard to magic and religion and war :slight_smile:

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Alright, thank you!!

Honestly? It sounds like something I’d be down to read. I love books that go deeper into the world, and all these different religions are a cool way of doing that. I’d heed @RosesnWater ‘s advice, though, and not make your character this super special magic user who can use all the Magic’s because she’s just that super special. I’m sure you can do it well, but it looks like the entrance to a Mary-Sue shaped hole imo

Yes, that’s one of my fears. I’m trying to combat it by showing that their are other people who have all three magics, and while it is rare, it isn’t like she’s the only one.

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Ohhh, okay! I like that a lot better, because she’s special, but it doesn’t seem like she’s unreasonably powerful

I’m highly into stories like these and it sounds like soething I’d definitely read. With high fantasy though, you’ll need to be careful and when world building and make sure that the characters are well grounded and beleivable. That’s also where that unreasonanbly powerful aspect also comes in. I hope you add awesome magiacl creatures and good lore in there too. A story solely on war can get a little boring.

Definetly. We have many creatures in this world… and the focus isn’t really on the fighting itself, just trying to stop it.

I actually was super excited to read this so you should write this quick :slight_smile:

I think this sounds pretty interesting, and I’d probably at least read the first chapter? I really love it when conflict with religions come into play in stories and I think it sounds like it could open up a lot of cool opportunities for themes! Like others have said, you’d have to be careful not to fall into the Mary-Sue area, but it also sounds like there’s a good explanation/background to Ayda’s powers. Another thing I’d question is the whole “magical artifacts” helping win the war part? I don’t know what the artifacts are or how they’d be able to help, but I’d make sure that they aren’t simplifying the big war too much, I guess? Or having some really overpowered effect/deus ex machina vibes?

Thank you! I guess I will get to work then. I was literally sitting one day thinking about D and D and this story idea came to me, lol. I will try my best to write this.


Yessss D&D-inspired stories are so good

What is the central conflict in this religious war? I like it, although:

Mine tends to be battles between High technology and low technology, a global wide Civil War.

I’ll post the current map.

So the “Enarian” Kingdom has gained enough strength that they are trying to move into Awas, where many of the wizards went after The Father religion decided that all non-holy magic was evil, and also trying to conquer the Selkie Islands and the Elven Wilderness, because they believe in The Mother religion. So the main conflict during the book is the elves and wizards and Selkies fighting to keep their homes and then eventually moving in on Enarian.

Actually, in my plans their is very little fighting involving the main characters, who are trying to get this magical sword from the temple of the mother, but it is controlled by Enarian forces.

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So Brandon Sanderson was onto something. I always wondered where fault lines went through the center. … Well it’s not my fault.

Would be incorrect to assume the fantasy war is about resources?

It would be perfectly correct. The Enarians have promised that people who join their religion get food, resources. The Selkies have prime territory for food, the elves have lands rich with plants, the wizards don’t have as much, but they have lands to farm, and they have the dragon lair full of jewels. They don’t want the people to know that they need more territory, so while the whole magic/religion thing is a reason, the biggest reason is actually resources and food supplies.

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I ask mainly, because it seems to be about fifty fifty whether wars tend to be about Religion or war.

But say Martyrdom (a favorite female fatale topic of mine) is out of place in a resource war, although I could be wrong about that.

In this case, both. The actually reasons are for reasorces, but it is portrayed to the public as for religios reason.

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You’re a Final Fantasy Tactics fan aren’t you? XD I like it. Not the fantasy I do, but that was a classic.

I’ve been exposed to a lot more fantasy fiction than I let on.

Nope actually, what’s that?

Though I have read a lot of Brandon Sanderson. This story idea was actually originally a D and D campaign idea, that I realized would make a better book with a few tweaks.