Does writing style make a story unique, even if the plot is weak?

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So I’m wondering if the plot of a story doesn’t have to be all too interesting if the character development and general writing style is on point.

Would you be happy to read a book with a basic storyline if the character development was to your liking?
Does writing style make a story unique, even if the plot is weak?

Writing style is love, writing style is life :eyes:


It happens in literary fiction genre. Personally, I struggle with books that have less of a plotline, as in nothing happens. I may over-value Tension, but people who manage Tension well are my idols…


Of course it can work! As you said so yourself, your story would be more about character development which I consider a little bit as a plot on its own. And yes, writing style is really important! A book can have a great plot, but if the writing style doesn’t live up to it and is rather boring, or if it doesn’t match your personal taste, then the story can be a disappointment after all.


Would you marry someone, just because of her style? Or do you want that person to have also an interesting life (plot), an interesting character, an interesting environment and a nice cover to look at?

A story should have everything. It’s that simple and it’s that hard.

Style is, in my humble opinion, not something you should focus on. It’s the result of “you, the writer” and the tone you want for the story. I write fiction, non-fiction and sometimes even poetry, but my style is always ‘humour’, even when the way I tell the story or give the information is completely different for every piece of work. If I’d try to be serious, it would only make me laugh. I can’t escape from myself, and if I can’t make people enjoy reading what I write, it wouldn’t be me who wrote it.

Don’t confuse “style” with “tone”: you should have various ‘tones’ to tell the same story in, light or simple or literary or popular or bombastic etc etc, and you can work on getting better (or not, which is also a style, the “I think I’m already good enough” style).


personally, i find the writing style of a story to be the most memorable thing about it. so if a story went out of its way to define itself by its writing style rather than the more conventional routes of plot or character, i’d definitely consider unique and probably even good. if character development became the focus instead of plot however, i don’t think it’d be all that different from a story prioritizing plot over character development.


I once read a book by Ilona Andrews: Magic bites. …generally, it was so cliché story, but I fell in love with it. The structure of sentences, the words used - so amusing. So, yes, you can get your readers by amazing, unique story - or you can just be an amazing writer and uplift a totally generic idea to another level.


Give me a comfortably readable and entertaining style, and characters I can relate to who are doing something interesting, and I’m not all that concerned with whether the plot is an intricate masterwork. Character development and evolution is a plot in itself, done right.

On the flip side, I’ll walk away in a heartbeat from intricately detailed plots if the characters bore or annoy me, or the style is difficult to parse or doesn’t feel like it matches.

Since my own strongly-preferred genre is fantasy, I have to throw in worldbuilding: give me a beautiful world presented with a light touch, and I care even less about how complex the plot is.

I mean, I’d like something to be happening, otherwise there’s no story, but I’m a lot more lenient about what consitutes “something” if the other factors are in place.

All of the above meeting is lovely and can make for a phenomenal book, but different readers have different goals when they read and prioritize things differently.

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When done properly, style becomes substance. The way the language is used to weave themes, emotions, and ideas throughout a story is part of that story’s backbone.

In a lot of literary works, language and plot become inextricable. One of my favorite examples of this is Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov.

I think if the writing style is truly inventive, intricate, and intentional then it is practically impossible for the plot to be “weak.” Someone capable of the intellectual heavy lifting required to write something multi-layered and beautiful probably isn’t gonna waste it on Twilight lol. The plot might not be grandiose and sweeping, but plot isn’t always a huge ballet of characters and conspiracy that hinges on mastermind twists. Sometimes there are depths of profundity to be plumbed within small subjects.


Funny enough I legit dont care if a character changes as long as the story is good.

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For me I prefer characters drive the plot. I don’t like stories were plot drives the characters. That said, if the characters are interesting, but the plot sucks? I’m probably not hanging around.

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Does writing style make a story unique - no
Does plot make a story unique - no
Does a combination of the two make a story unique - Yes.

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i think at the end of the day, it’s not really so much about the writing style but it’s more of the message of the entire story that really sticks in my mind. Also good characters are a bonus :slight_smile:

I personally think character development is part of the plot. With that said, the lack of plot would be a turn off no matter how good the writing style is. Since I consider characters essential to the plot, a lack of plot would mean no interesting characters, therefore, a story I wouldn’t bother with.

Now if it’s the opposite case, a great plot with terrible writing, it would be really disappointing but I think I could appreciate it more than the other way around.

I read books first and foremost for style. If the writing doesn’t make me stop to appreciate how beautiful the writing is within a page, I don’t care what it’s about, I don’t read it. If I wanted just plot and characters, there are mangas and movies. Both waste less of my time. That’s a personal preference though.


Yes it does.
Your plot may seem weak but how you narrate it matters. Readers are drawn to a common plot sometimes when they find the narrative engaging or when their curiosity is roused.
Look at Hunger Games. The idea of a dystopian world appealed to our generation so much books with identical plots like Divergent or Maze Runner attracted the same fans. If your plot is weak fret now. Narrate it the way You wish books were narrated like. I write the way I want books to be like.

I actually love slice-of-life stuff :slight_smile:

What do you mean sis?

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