Does your character?


The object of the game is simple: the person above ask a question and the person below answers in detail then ask the same question.

Follow the Example:

Person A: Does your character have many tattoos?

Person B: Nope, Tyler doesn’t like the idea of tattoos. Does your character eat with their fingers instead of eating utensils?

Person C: Yes, because Eria is poor and homeless and lacks proper home training. Does your character come from a large family?

My Turn: Does your character have a part-time job?



Not unless being a student counts. He’s fifteen. He does do odd jobs like walking dogs and things like that.

My turn: Would your character be able to maintain the care of a garden?


No he wouldn’t be able to. He isn’t so good with responsibilities. He would get himself busy and do anything else but care for his garden. His dog might even kill the planets off lol


My turn:Would your character be able to survive in the forest


Probably not. He lives in a mansion and is not really used to fending for himself :grimacing:

Would your character do something reckless to prove a point?


Hell yes! My character Jasmine used to do this all the time to her aunt while growing up. It is one of her biggest problems. Shes a reckless being.


Would your character “sell their soul” for 5 million dollars? When I say sell their soul I mean like go against their morals


Yeesh. That’s a hard one… I say no. He keeps to himself and trys to stick to his morals. If he does go against them it’s usualy not on purpose.


Why are you guys putting “would your character?” instead of "does your character? " I did not put would your character down.


Oh yeah. Oops :grimacing: I wasn’t paying attention


Oof sorry


You did it wrong sorry to tell you.


Yeah, I missed it had to be ‘Does your character’. I saw it say ‘ask a question’ and assumed it didn’t have to follow that format. Sorry.


It’s fine. Now, you know. :slightly_smiling_face:


Can we try again? This looks like a lot of fun


Sure just use “does your character” instead of “would your character”.


Do you want to start us off again? We can go from there


Does your character like to travel a lot?


He has been traveling around the world for work so he doesn’t mind it too much. He’s gotten used to it and in fact nowadays it keeps him from thinking. His thoughts are toxic.

Does your character spend a lot of the time on the internet?


No. There is no internet and barely any electricity where she lives. No computers in the world, let alone internet.

Does your character feel that no one could possibly understand them?