Does your character?

Not that I know of at the moment.

Does your character have a favorite place to eat?

that’s too bad, pets are always the best

Sutton is what you’d call the opposite of a picky-eater. However, if he had to pick it’d be his father’s cooking… he doesn’t get much of that anymore though.

Does your character play any sports? or compete?

Asher is a varsity football player and Nick used to play baseball when he was younger.

Does your character make new friends easily?

not really but the friends he has are pretty awesome
does your character like to drive/pilot veihicles


Does your character own anything particularly expensive?

Yes, countless estates and a company worth hundreds of millions of dollars to name a few. XD

Does your character have a nickname?

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Not really a nickname, but Ashmita interchangeably calls Mason by his name and “Dad.” Ashmita never really called him Dad when she was growing up, and the habit carried into adulthood. And on top of that, Mason never strictly enforced the “Dad” rule, so she just mostly calls him Mason. But deep down, he still melts a little inside when she calls him “Dad.”

Ashmita: baby, sweetie, firestarter (yeah, you can guess the last one is by Nathan :joy:)
Nathan: Nate, habibi (means ^my love^ in Arabic), paintboy (yes, that one is by Ashmita)
Sarah: honey, love, sweetheart.
Arjun: Doucheface (by Ashmita), piece of sh*t, prick, asshole. (yes, those were by Mason :joy: )

Does your character call someone by an insulting name for fun?

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For fun, Nick would call Asher “asshole” and Asher would call him “dick” or “idiot” or whatever he feels like in the moment.

Does your character laugh easily?

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I mean, it suits Asher. Nick should just call him Ashhole. It works.

Not very easily. Still kind of easily, but not super easily

Does your character have a good sense of humor?

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Nick: I’ll consider it.

Yeah, i’d say so, lol.

Does your character insult people often?

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Holy moly, absolutely. Ashmita and Mason insult Arjun so many times that it’s become a part of their daily routine. Ashmita playfully insults Nathan, because siblings.

What’s the best roast your character has thrown at someone?

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I’ve been trying to comb through the book, but none is sticking out except one of Addy’s aimed at Rowan and it’s kind of a spoiler, lol. But you can bet that Nick’s best roasts are usually aimed at Asher. None that I remember from the book tho.

Hold up, I just remembered another one. It was Addy roasting Nick in one of the first few chapters. :joy::joy:

What is the worst thing your character has ever done?

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Lmao it’s okay.

Ouch, some things are huuuuuuuuge spoilers that I can’t divulge at all. The one thing I can divulge: Arjun isn’t as bad as he’s portrayed.

Were Addy’s parents good people?

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(I think you already asked this yesterday or the today before, lol). Generally, yes. I don’t know too much about them, but they were very hard working people.

Does your character overthink things?

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Oh yeah, I did! I just don’t remember if I got an answer or not. If I did, then… excuse me while I go bang my head against the wall…

Ashmita: honestly, no.
Mason: when it comes to Ashmita, then yes, sometimes
Sarah: ha, no. She’s slack
Nathan: yes, when it comes to his acne.

Does your character pop their pimples? (idk I’m out of ideas)

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Lol, you’re not Dobby, there’s no need for that.

Asher seems like the type. Rowan too, but I doubt he ever gets pimples. Alderidges are known for their clear skin, as well as their good teeth. Pimples are a rarity for them.

Does your character value good looks in a romantic partner?

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Lol if my brother throws my clothes at me, watch me run away from him screaming, “MASTER HAS GIVEN DOBBY CLOTHES. DOBBY IS FREEEEEEEE!”

Sarah: I mean, not before meeting Mason, hehe. Mason’s hot.
Mason: not really.
Ashmita: sometimes.
Nathan: he’s low key jealous if they’re better looking than him (and according to him: EVERYONE IS BETTER LOOKING THAN ME. NOBODY LOOKS LIKE A COCKROACH TRIED TO EAT THEIR SKIN)
Jyoti: I mean, her spouse was pretty decent looking.
Arjun: same as Jyoti

Does your character have a lot of confidence?

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I shall scream this the next time my mom throws socks at me. :joy:

Lol, for most of them, no. The only one I’d say has a lot of confidence is Michael. Addy is self-assured enough to fully respect herself, so a good self-esteem, but I wouldn’t really call it “a lot” of confidence.

Does your character take things personally?

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Lol watch her be like, “wtf?”

Ashmita, Mason, Sarah: nah, they’re pretty slack
Nathan: except to when it comes to his acne

Does your character go to museums?

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Rowan would go every now and then to history museums.

Does your character consider themselves stubborn?

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