Does your character?



Does your character lose their cool easily?


Margo is good at hiding her emotions.

Does your character prefer Netflix or going out?



Does your character have a role model?


No she does not.


Not really.

Does your character have the body they want or do they have things they want to change?


does your character doubt themselves


Doubts her morality? Yes. Doubts herself? Never. She’s too egotistical to consider that she may be wrong.

Does your character come from a middle class family?


No, upper class.

Is your character’s heritage noticeable?



Does your character have a good knowledge of their ancestry?


Her mother’s side takes pride in their Swiss and English roots.

Does your character have an overall pleasant personality?


No. Unfortunately not.

Does your character enjoy feeling in control/in power?


Kyli doesn’t want to enjoy but she does.

Does your character every felt that how they act isn’t them and they needed to change?


Sometimes Lust/Tristan does but then he buries that side deeeeeeeeep down to where he’ll never feel it.

Did your character do something recently that they regret?


Yes. Very much so.

Does your character have good organization skills?


No Duplicity mostly goes with the flow of things
does your character have more faith in themselves or in others


All of my characters have faith in themselves to an extent. James and Kyra both have to have faith in themselves (although Kyra desperately wants to have faith in other people and trust them), while Ethan has faith in others (unless they prove themselves unworthy of his trust).

Does your character have a flaw they can’t see/acknowledge?


Ravenna has many flaws, most of which she doesn’t acknowledge, because she’s egotistical. She only understands when she’s doing something wrong, not a flaw in her own person.

Does your character have a good relationship with their family?


Jay’s family is dead, bar his sister who is missing
Does your character go to school?


Joachim goes to University of Oscaria.

Does your character celebrate christmas?



Does your character have good tolerance of anything?