Does your character?


Yes. He’s very patient and can survive with a spoiled 12-year-old child for a few months. Does your character give out free cookies?


no Duplicity is hopeless when it comes to anything cooking or baking
does your character have a theatrical flare


Kind of.

Does your character have a pet peeve?


For Sophia, probably people chewing with their mouth open. For Ray, it’s Randy ahaha. Victoria, I think everything is a pet peeve lmao.

Does your character have a certain fashion sense?


yes Duplicity dresses like a punk skinny jeans t-shirt converse and a bad ass leather jacket with a fedora
does your character have a certain color scheme


Red, black, gold, or beige.

Does your character have a good relationship with their sibling?


i have yet to introduce Duplicitys siblings into the book so i don’t know
Does your character make friends easily


No. Unless she was purposefully being sweet to get them on her side.

Does your character have loyal friends/followers?


Definitely. Sophia has Sonia, and she’s loyal as hell. Not to mention really really feisty, so she’s got Sophia’s back. Pete is Ray’s most loyal. He can be a jerk, but he does have a good heart. Victoria, does David count? XD

Does your character have someone who always has their back? (Other than Ravenna, her clique. Winston, and Cain. Sorry guys)


Duplicity has his Witch Violet but he trusts his fellow apprentices


Dang it, you got me. Hm… Daphne has two close male friends who are super protective of her. One of which is Ravenna’s ex whom we get to see in the prequel. :wink::wink:

Does your character have good grades?


That’s a big yes. Sophia and Ray are almost valedictorians, and Victoria has a 3.6 GPA.

Does your character have a knowledge on computers?


Draven probably does. He uses them more than the rest.

Does your character have a squeaky clean record?


Duplicity has a pristine record
does your character like getting up to mischief


Some of them do. Like Cain and Griffin. They do it for the kicks.

Does your character have any cousins?


Definitely. Ray has three distant Czech cousins. One of their names is Anna (forgot the rest). Sophia’s direct cousins are on her maternal side. Her uncle Raphael has two children, Matthew and Serafina. I’m sure Victoria has a cousin on her mom’s side.

Does your have a bad reputation?


(Woah… My name’s Anna.)

Yes, Winston does. Ravenna’s reputation is kinda complicated: people respect her and her reputation is remarkable, but people fear her, so it has pros and cons (although in her eyes, being feared is a pro, not a con).

Does your character have a favorite dessert?


That’s a hard question. Sophia has a really big sweet tooth. Tiramisu, cannoli, panna cotta. Ray definitely has a lot of favorite desserts. I think Victoria’s is ice cream. She LOVES ice cream.

Does your character have a certain reason for traveling?


Jasmine (Element of Life) desperately wants to live in Paris because her dad left many years ago and is there. Also her boyfriend Elliot is from Paris.

Does your character want something different in life?


Well, does it count if he doesn’t want life?

Does your character love plushies?