Does your character?



Does your character have a set bedtime?


Nope. He doesn’t really need to sleep at all, but the consequences are the same with the exception of death.

Does your character have any pets?


Duplicity recently became the owner of a liquid metal cat
Does your character have a special weapon


Yes. Like all of the Banned, Ares carries a Guardians blade. A normal sword that lights up blue when being used.

Does you character easily fall in love?


No. She’s never been in love.

Does your character have financial issues?


Yes. Mikhael hasn’t been to a city in years, so he doesn’t even know what currency they use anymore. Every time he goes to a city, he has to start from scratch and earn some money.

Does your character like watching movies?



Does your character have any siblings?


Maybe at one point in time. They might all be dead now, I dunno.

Does your character like chocolate milk?



Does your character play video games?


Video games didn’t exist way back when.

Does your character know how to swim?


Yes they do. Sophia and Ray know how to swim. Victoria is afraid of water.

Does your character have an irrational fear?


Yes, Ravenna has an intense fear of losing her reputation, because she thinks it’ll ruin her life. I mean, I guess it wouldn’t exactly be irrational if it’s true.

Does your character consider themselves clumsy?


Sophia, yes definitely. Ray, only when it comes to cooking. They always tease each other about this. Sophia jokes that she has the fire department on speed dial when he is cooking. Ray just says that he’s glad his mom is a nurse because who knows what can happen? Lol.

Does your character have a sense of hypocrisy?


Ravenna hates when people disrespect her authority. But she does that to the headmaster and some teachers all the time.

Does your character have any teacher they fear?


Not fear, but Sophia HATES her Cal History teacher, Mr. Polucci. He knows she’s part Italian, yet he still makes her life so miserable. She hates him.

Does your character want to graduate?


Of course, Ravenna plans to go to a very good college after. Winston just wants to graduate high school, then stop there. He thinks he’s destined for a life of crime with Cain and the gang, because it’s the only option he sees. Even though he knows it won’t work out well, being dangerous and all.

Does your character have a good idea of their future or are they spontaneous?


Sophia knows that she wants to do molecular biology. Ray knows he wants to go into engineering. Victoria, she still hasn’t decided. So yeah, Victoria is spontaneous.

Does your character have a bad temper? (Winston, shut up.)


Lol, Winston does, obviously. Cain has a quite a temper, but he won’t get violent like Winston does. The worse that could happen with Cain is him punching a wall if he’s super, super angry. Violence isn’t his thing, unless it’s an intentional fight. He loves physical fights (only when the other side is into it too).

Does your character have a grandparent they are close to?


Nope. Arkenham’s grandmother (dad’s mom) was poisoned when he was five, his grandfather died shortly after, and I’m not totally clear on the other set.

Does your character have close friends?


Not really. Kinda.

Does your character have something they treasure? (Something, not someone.)