Does your character?


He’s not really big on stuff. He grew up rich, so his attitude towards possessions is a little different than most people’s.

Does your character keep a journal?


Nope. Though he wish he did.

Does your character enjoy drinking?



Does your character have a bias against or towards anything?


Arkenham is a very biased narrator in general, so… Most of the time he’s not completely wrong, though. I guess he’s biased against his ex-girlfriend? To be fair, she did cheat on him, but she didn’t (intentionally) trash him.

Does your character hate any particular food?


Hm… Winston isn’t picky with his food, he’d eat whatever he has lying around. Ravenna doesn’t hate anything (I’m sure she does, I just can’t think of it right now), but I don’t think she likes olives.

Does your character have a fetish?


He’s into women who are stronger than him, if that counts.

Does your character have mommy/daddy/general parent issues?


Winston has mommy issues. Ravenna worships her dad, but their relationship is more toxic than she realizes. So technically, she has daddy issues, but she oblivious.

Does your character have a pet peeve?


The how are you, I’m fine how are you thing. I probably didn’t describe it very well, but hopefully you get the point.

Does your character have dreams for the future?


Ravenna wants to go to an Ivy League University and go into the business industry and thus follow her father’s footsteps. Winston fears the future, because he knows things will only get worse for him.

Does your character have a passion?


He has a passion for helping people, I guess. But it depends on his mood.

Does your character have a crush?



Does your character have a love interest?



Does your character have a nickname?


Winston is called “Winnie” by Cain, just to piss him off.

Does your character have a reason for being named the way they are?


Import from a long ago fantasy story.

Does your character hate doctors?


She doesn’t like them, but she can respect their devotion to their work.

Does your character have a favorite food?


Mac n cheese

Does your character have any previous versions that stared in other stories?



Does your character have a sense of humor?


Yes. It’s very dark, sarcastic, and fatalistic though.

Does your character feel lonely?


Sometimes, yes.

Does your character have a low or high self-esteem?


Low self-esteem.

Does your character sleep too much?