Does your character?


Ahahahah I love Spongebob too! I think Sophia has many. Wine , soda, milk, water, juice. Ray, beer, soda, milk… Victoria, I don’t know. Sonia, maybe vodka or wine or some sort of alcohol.

Does your character want to join the mafia?


No, but believe me, both Cain and Ravenna would thrive as Mafian leaders. If Ravenna’s plan with business fails, she could totally work as the ringleader of organized crime. Cain is already a criminal leader.

Does your character like orange juice or apple juice? (Random question I just thought of, cuz I’m drinking orange juice right now )


Ahahahaah I don’t think they have a preference really. It’s juice.

Does your character sleep naked? (random question, I know)


Winston sometimes sleeps shirtless, but his boxers are definitely still on. Unless he’s having a one-night stand.

Does your character ever consider cheating on a test?


They don’t need to. Sophia is a walking encyclopedia.

Does your character have any obsessions?


Ravenna is obsessed with coffee, chocolate, and cute black handbags.

Does your character have reckless tendencies? (No, Ray, I love you, but not now.)


Ahahahaha I actually wasn’t going to say Ray, believe it or not. I think Pete could be pretty reckless. I mean, Ray even says one day it’s going to actually kill him. I’m a bit afraid of Pete’s fate myself.

Which character from INI do you ship a character from SOS with? (crap, wrong thread. Sorry)


I kinda ship Sophia and Winston. I feel like Sophia obviously deserves to be treated like a queen, but Winston also needs someone to open his heart again and to make him feel like someone who matters. If that’s not possible, maybe Sonia and Winston. I can imagine Sonia fangirling as he walks down the hallway. :joy:

Does your character have a nickname for their lover?


Ahahaha. That nickname is kind of a spoiler. Ray does give Sophia a nickname in a future chapter (that chapter is actually one of my favorite chapters that I’ve ever written) but you’ll see. I think Sophia calls Ray “sunshine” occasionally because he’s like a ray of sunshine.

Does your character have a fixed mindset?


Awww. I think Winston does. He’s been told his entire life by his mother that he’s destined for failure. So much so that it has sunk into his brain.

Does your character have an ideal type of qualities they look for in a partner?


Sophia has a legit list ahahaha. She likes smart, kind, modest, good hearted guys. Why else did she choose Ray? Ray likes girls that are the same thing Sophia likes.

Does your character wear a uniform?


Despite it being a private school, they are rather lenient on what the students wear. There are no uniforms.

Does your character like P.E.?


Sophia, not really. Victoria doesn’t care. Ray is a natural at it

Does your character like hot weather or cold weather?


They live in California, so they’re used to sunny weather. So they like sunny, but since cold weather isn’t as common, it’s always a nice surprise. So both.

Does your character like in a city/place that is famous for anything?


Well somewhere near Huntington Beach. By my knowledge, it’s close to LA (or my geography is just really bad) and LA is one of the most famous US cities.

Does your character prefer the city, suburbs, or country?


Yeah, it’s pretty close. The town they live in is fictional and is a mix of the suburbs and the city. But everyone knows the other people in the community, because it’s kinda small. It’s like a wealthy suburb that sits in the middle and once you walk out of the borders, you’ll walk into the city, where homelessness becomes more prominent. So their preferences are a mix of suburbs and the city.

Does your character have any pets?


I think Ray had a fish growing up. Other than that no.

Does your character like animals? (not for consumption)


LOL. Ravenna has an odd respect for cats, because they’re kind like her. Snobby, kinda lazy, and they both act like queens of the house. Also very sassy. Daphne likes all types of animals. Winston likes spiders, but he reminds me of a bulldog, because he’s super loyal, but also super tempermental. Plus, Winston is a common dog name. :joy:

Does your character have a spirit animal they remind you of?


ahahahaa. Sonia reminds me of a bull, because she’s so tough. Sophia reminds me a lot of a dove, because they’re so graceful. Ray reminds me of a deer, for some reason.

Which character would accidentally fall into a pool?


Griffin. Except no one would be able to tell if he slipped on accident or if he did it on purpose.

Does your character have a favorite stuffed animal?