Does your character?


Sophia just loves stuffed animals in general. I think Ray loves a stuffed pig that his mom once owned. It’s similar to a stuffed pig my uncle got me when I was young. wipes tear memories.

Does your character ever get nostalgic?


Winston, but in the worst way possible. As in…it triggers old memories he’s trying to forget.

Does your character buy presents for others on Christmas?


Oh definitely. That’s what Sophia loves. Giving. She buys it herself since waitressing gets her amazing tips, and she saved all of them up. Ray definitely gets gifts. Victoria doesn’t have much to give.

Does your character get tired easily?


Winston gets tired and sleepy from listening to an entire class period of pure lecturing, while Griffin gets bored and jumpy after 5 minutes.

Does your character have a favorite actor?


Ooh. I think Sophia likes Seth MacFarlane. Ray likes a lot. Sonia loves Ian Somerhalder, because she’s a die hard Vampire Diaries fan (she is also a die hard Damon fan).

Does your character have a favorite TV show?


I think Ravenna likes House of Cards, because it’s complex and layered. Winston watches whatever he gets his hands on (sometimes, they’re porn shows, lmao.)

Does your character have a favorite song they play on repeat and could never get tired of?


Porn shows? Gosh. And they don’t have a certain song, but artist yes. Sophia, Christina Perri. Ray, Eminem. Victoria, probably Beyonce

Does your character have someone they relate to?


Hm… I think that even though both of them have extremely different life experiences, Cain understands Winston on a personal level in the sense that neither had good childhoods (Winston because of family issues and peer pressure and Cain because of PTSD and the loss of his parents).

Does your character believe in the death penalty?


Yes. Arkenham would say he doesn’t, but he definitely believes there’s some people who deserve it.

Does your character get angry easily?



Does your character enjoy reading for fun?



Does your character have a dirty secret?


Plenty in abundance.

Does your character know about their ancestry?



Does your character have immediate family members they’ve never met?


Aunt and grandfather. Aunt is because she lives in Scotland, while she’s never met her grandfather because:

  1. He’s dead.
  2. When he was alive, her father forbade her from seeing him.

Does your character have any major flaws that could kill them someday?


Well, this is going to sound really bad, but suicide is more of a when than an if for him.

Does your character like dogs?


Nope. Mikhael’s allergic to dogs. Somehow, cats are fine though.

Does your character like war and death?



Does your character have anxiety?


Yes most of the character have their own anxiety.

Does your character watch/read porn?


Not really. He doesn’t have much of a sex drive right now for spoilery reasons.

Does your character take any kind of medication on a regular basis?


Not really just getting high to de-stress.

Does your character use dark magic?