Does your character?



Does your character have a phobia?


Unsurprisingly, spiders. They are demons.

Does your character have a favourite TV genre?


As long as they’re layered and complex, she doesn’t have a favorite genre.

Does your character have wear glasses or contacts?



Does your character have a favorite item of clothing?


She’s obsessed with cute black handbags, but they’re more of accessories than clothing.

Does your character fear heights?



Does your character fall asleep easily?



Does your character have any mental issues?


Jane has amnesia, and struggles to cope with her new life.

Does your character carry a weapon?


Duplicity carries around his liquid metal cat which shape shifts into any weapon he wants
does your character enjoy the holidays


Definitely. One of Sophia’s favorite times

Does your character have any unique talents?


Ravenna and Winston are both great at deciphering people’s facial expressions and reading past it. Ravenna, because she fakes them herself and Winston, because he’s been around enough bullshit people (such as Ravenna herself) to know what to look for.

Does your character have a dream vacation/place hey want to visit?


Good question. I think Sophia would love to visit Austria. Ray really wants to go to Scotland. I’m not too sure however.

Does your character have a certain goal in life?


His goal is to protect the desert for as long as he lives, which will be a few thousand more years. Currently, though, I think he has no idea what he wants to do with his life.

Has your character ever been to more than one place? (one place being a certain town/city)


She travels a lot, so yes, plenty.

Does your character come from a family of specific qualities or professsions?


No. I honestly don’t know, haven’t gotten that far in character development yet.

Does your character know how to use a computer?


Yes, of course.

Does your character prefer coffee or tea?


Coffee. I don’t think he’d get out of bed in the mornings without it.

Does your character do any very childish things?


No, not really.

Does your character feel excited or fearful of the future?


Arkenham is, well, it’s kind of complicated, and full of spoilers, so I’ll just leave it at yes and no.

Does your character chew gum?


Sometimes, but usually no.

Does your character often forget things easily?