Does your character?


Yes, definitely. But at the same time, they like familiarity, which cliches offer. The unexpected can be dangerous to them at times. So they have a love/hate relationsgip with surprises.

Does your character go on shopping sprees often?


Honestly no. Sophia’s very very cost efficient, so she really doesn’t. Ray tutors for Spanish, Czech, and Estonian, so he really doesn’t need to spend too much. It pays well, but there’s nothing he needs/wants to buy.

Does your character have any basic knowledge of finance?


Yes, Ravenna is pretty good with money considering her age. Her father is involved with the business industry as an operations manager, so he oversees the finances, employees, and the company productions.

Does your character want to follow in their family’s footsteps or do they want to lead their own path?


Scholarships run in Sophia’s family, so she does want to follow in that path. Serena is a financial accountant, Scott’s a police officer, and Anthony is a business major, so Sophia leads her own path. Ramona is a nurse, Ross is a businessman, and Randy… dunno what he wants to do, so Ray leads his own path. I don’t even know what Victoria wants to do.

Does your character have a sense of independence?


Yes, they all do.

Does your character have a strong will?


Sophia, meh. Ray, sure. Sonia… let’s just say that bricks are so much weaker.

Does your character find ways to make ends meet?


Ravenna, always. If there isn’t a way, she’ll find it. Or invent it. Whatever is possible. Winston tries, but things obviously aren’t going well for him. Eventually, he gave up.

Does your character get emotional easily?


Sophia, yes she does. Ray, absolutely not. If he’s crying, it’s a really big deal. Victoria, she never shows it.

Does your character like attention?


Nope. The second he gets out there he’s going to get attacked by some organization.

Does your character enjoy nature?


Jane finds it fascinating, but Huxley prefers urban life.

Does your character have someone they purely detest.


Ravenna and Winston. Vice versa. They don’t completely hate each other though, even though they think they do. If they truly hated each other from the bottom of their hearts, they wouldn’t be able to tolerate each other nearly everyday.

Does your character have deep secrets they’ve never told anyone before?


Absolutely. Everyone has secrets :wink:

Does your character believe things easily?


No, not unless it makes pausible sense. Same for Winston.

Does your character take risks often?


Yup, I guess so?

Does your character have close connections with anything? (people, things, animals, etc.)


Ravenna has a close connection to the business industry due to her father. Winston has a close connection to local crime and street gangs.

Does your character roast people often? (Not literally… I hope.)



Does your character always have to have the last word?



Does your character consider themselves neat and organized?


Yes, but he’s the only one who understands his system, so it looks like a total disaster from the outside.

Does your character have a favorite thing about Christmas?


The gift-receiving, of course. Being spoiled by gifts.

Does your character have a favorite day in the year?



Does your character have a favorite food?