Does your character?


Yeah, but not for too long (depending on the person)
Q. Does your character have a sibling?
(I really don’t know if the grammar is correct)


She has three but they all hate her.

Does your character receive enough love?


No, only from her stepbrother and a few friends (though she’s going to meet someone soon)
Q. Does you character like to read books?


No. She doesn’t have enough time.

Does your character hate work/school?


Not much.
Q. Does your character have any sporting capabilities?


If setting things on fire and murdering people counts.

Does your character have any diseases/birth defects/disabilities?


No, but she does have anxiety disorder.
Q. Does your character murder people just for fun?


Sometimes. It’s usually because her boyfriend asked her to.

Does your character have an unhealthy relationship?


No, she’s scared of being in a relationship.
Q. Does your character have one? (Unhealthy relationship?)


Her relationship with her boyfriend is very unhealthy. She just doesn’t realize it.

Does your character often fool people with their lies?


She doesn’t have to fool around much, but if the situation arises she may.
Q. Does character love somebody truly and does the person love her back?


She’s psychotic so she can’t truly love someone. It’s more borderline worship. Her boyfriend doesn’t really care. He just wants some people dead.

Does your character need any sort of mental health?


She needed therapy lessons when she was a kid.
Q. Does your character have a bright past? Like she did she change over the course of time?


Neither Z not Jay had a bright past
Does your character know any martial arts?


They all do, except for Faith.

Does your character enjoy doing crafts?


Yes, he loves them. Well, he mostly enjoys that doing them let’s him hang out with so many different people.

Does your character have a nervous habit?


Yes, she bites on the tip of her tongue and blushes slightly. If Sapphire is really nervous she might clasp her hands behind her back to avoid seeming nervous while relieving some stress.

Does your character know their enemy by the halfway point in your story or is he/she/it still figuring it out?


At the half way point, he knows Manny is an enemy. He’s unaware that Jessica is too, though.

Does your character catch colds easily?


No because he trains himself regularly and maintains his health.

Does your character believe him or herself as a hero or just an ordinary person?


Q. Does your character(s) know swimming?