Does your character?


Royce can swim, Cat can manage well enough, and Manny has no idea how to even float.

Does your character have a favorite candy?


yes Duplicity loves cloud lollies
Does your Character have a favourite game series or if they lived in this world what would their favourite game series


Lollipops, though not much.
Q. Does you character like to play tennis?


Alexander is not very athletic, so I don’t think so.

Does your character love sweets?


Not really
Does your character play sports?


Yes, he does sparring (the equivalent of martial arts in that universe).

Would you want to be your character?


Nope, not at all
Does your character have a big group of friends?


My character is respected by most but very few would want to be anything closer than an acquaintance.

Does your character have a love interest?


Does your character chew gum?


Unfortunately gum doesn’t exist in their universe! Maybe someone will have to go and invent it one day though given they are going to have a devastating civil war it is understandable that food development may not be the top priority :slight_smile:

Does your character use social media (or something equivalent if in a different universe setting)?


Nope together of them do
Would your character kill another one of your characters?


He would probably kill anyone to protect his fiancee Sapphire, but has also not shied away from killing whoever needbe, including himself, for the benefit of the Dynasty (government)

Has your character broken any laws (by Earth standards, use whichever country you like)?


Z has broken tonnes, mainly for murder, blackmail, murder, grand theft, murder, breaking and entering, murder, aggravated assault and did I mention murder?
Does your character know how to fly?


Both he and she can fly a starfighter, though neither can fly without technology.

Does your character have different layers (i.e. conflicting motives and loyalties) or does he/she/it only have one simple and defining personality?


Z is an onion with six million layers, but appears straight forwards
Jay is less complex
Does your character belive in God(s)/a higher power?


Somewhat, she believes there may be a high power, but she doesn’t care (so, she’s agnostic).

Does your character believe in ghosts?


Does your character think about the apocalypse often?



Does your character ever cry in the story?


Yes, Z does, surprisingly
Does your character have any phobias?


Not official listed phobias, but very strong fears, yes

Does your character have a quirk or trait only unique to them?