Does your character?


No. If her boyfriend said it, it’s true. If something bothers her, her boyfriend will have all the answers.

Does your character have someone to lean on?


She leans on herself. If it’s something that would only work with more than one person, she’d think about who would best benefit her in this situation.

Does your character ever question their boyfriend?


Nope, never. Never has and never will. She would jump off a bridge if he asked her to. She would drink pine-sol. Anything.

Does your character have attitude problems?


Winston has bad anger issues, so yes. Ravenna gets pissed easily, but she always maintains herself well externally. So yes, but also no, because she controls how it looks on the outside.

Does your character have an ulterior motive?


I wouldn’t think so. She just does it all for her boyfriend, which is no secret to him.

Does your character have any secrets?


Many. Three primary ones come to mind. Two are personal and confidential. The last one is an open secret that involves a lot of people.

Does your character feel content with their life as it is?


Yep. She’s happy with her controlling boyfriend.

Does your character have any fatal flaws?


Does cancer count?

Does your character enjoy cold drinks (drinks with ice in them) or warm drinks more (hot cocoa, etc.)?


Warm drinks. She likes her coffee hot.

Does your character have anything in their life they’d like to change?



Does your character have any form of anxiety?



Does your character have a bigger chance of going to hell or to heaven?


Hell. She murders people and likes fire enough to enjoy Hell anyways.


Does your character believe in a higher power?


She’s agnostic, so she’s not sure, but she doesn’t care if there is or isn’t.

Does your character have pyromania?


Yes she does. She loves setting fires.

Does your character need to talk to others?



Does your character need to get off of social media and socialize face-to-face more often?


No. She doesn’t have social media.

Does your character come off as creepy to others?


Creepy? No. Insane? Yes.

Does your character have any weird fetishes?


Fire. She loves it when her boyfriend burns her.

Does your character have any kinks?


I hope not.

Does your character have any obsessions?