Does your character?


Fire and her boyfriend. I keep saying it, but those are the biggest parts of who she is. Next question I’mma switch it to my character Adara. She’s not insane.

Does your character have a favorite book?


I’m sure she has favorites, but not sure what they are. She likes the really complex, layered ones that you have to think about in order to understand (such as classics).

Does your character know what they want from the future?


Originally he wanted to be relatively happy, living close to his family and working as an aerospace engineer. Now he wants to make a mass army of aliens who’ve hidden themselves on Earth and start a war. Weird how things didn’t work out. lol

Does your character have unique handwriting?


Unique in the sense that her handwriting looks neat and pretty, but in a childish way? Yeah, kinda. :joy:

Does your character hate anyone?


Nope. She doesn’t have time for such things.


Add a question, please.


Not again. Does your character host hatred against any group of people?


Yes. Ravenna hates jocks for no reason other than prejudice and a bit of envy.

Does your character have anger issues?


No. She’s too busy trying to complete her life goals before she dies.

Does your character like the spotlight?


She lives off the spotlight. But more importantly, she lives off the control.

Does your character fake their emotions?


No. She allows herself to feel freely, unless it hurts someone else.

Does your character have a phobia?


Not exactly official phobias, but Ravenna has a strong fear of losing her reputation and pride. It defines her as a person, so if she loses it, she’ll lose herself.

Does your character have family issues?


Not in her opinion. Her mom is very judgmental, though and constantly blames her for things out of control. She keeps saying that Adara’s condition is going to kill her.

Does your character have anything that could possibly kill them:


Yes. Cain and Winston are heavily involved in crime, which puts them at risk. Cain is much more at risk though, because the local cops hate him.

Does your character have any fatal flaws that could potentially kill them in the long-run?


She has a constant fear and dread of her condition. That could possibly kill her.

Does your character have something that they could never give up (not Ravenna)?


Winston can’t give up Cain. Not when he owes him his life. Ravenna can’t give up her pride. She was born with it. It defines her identity.

Does your character cry often?


No. She’s not really sad often.

Does your character have suicidal thoughts?


Winston did at one point in his life. Not anymore. He’s fine for now.

Does your character believe in true love?


Yeah. Her best friend found a significant other and they seem so happy. If they’re so happy, then it must exist.

Does your character hate the very idea of love?


Ravenna doesn’t even believe in romantic love. Winston doesn’t hate it, he just no longer wants to be a part of it.

Does your character lean more optimistic or pessimistic?