Does your character?



Does your character have a dream?


Ravenna wants to follow in her father’s footsteps into the business field. Winston doesn’t want anything; he already knows he’s destined to go down the criminal path with Cain… Not that he wants to.

Does your character have bad influences?


Yes, her mother is very negative.

Does your character act as a good influence?


Not. At. All.

Does your character have a lot of money?


Money is pretty tight for her because of how often she has to visit the doctor.

Does your character have a high chance of dying?


Cain does.

Does your character have a high self-esteem?


Not really, but I wouldn’t say it’s low either. It’s somewhere in the grey.

Does your character have self-image issues?


In the sense that she thinks she’s superior than everyone else? Yeah, she does. Winston views himself as worthless. Two very different upbringings.

Does your character have a view on the government?


No. She doesn’t really care about that stuff.

Does your character any routines that they have to do everyday?


She always does her hair. Either she straightens it, combs it, or curls it. Or something else. She always has to do something about it though.

Does your character have any substance addictions?


No. She wants to live as long as she can, that’s only going to hurt her chances.

Does your character abuse any substances?


Winston smokes way more than he should as a teen. Cain drinks too much and is still underaged. Not sure if they’re considered substances though. In terms of drugs or pills, no.

Does your character have an ideology that they live by?


Live life to the fullest, because it’ll slip away before you want it to.

Does your character have have something that they could never do?


Winston could never hurt the ones he loves. He loves very few and he values them more than life itself. Hurting someone he loves would kill him internally more than it would hurt the actual person.

Does your character have a favorite past time memory?


Yes. It was when her best friend came out as trans. Their relationship soared at that point.

Does your character have any odd friends?


She doesn’t consider them “friends”, but they technically are even if she wouldn’t admit that. Yes. As much as I love him, Griffin is very weird.

Does your character have a middle name?


Yeah. It’s Valerie.

Does your character have a meaningful name?


I mean, Ravenna and Draven’s names both mean “raven”. Ravens are the one of the most intelligent birds and often travel in close pairs. Both Ravenna and Draven are smart and do often hang around together as a pair. It wasn’t intentional, just a coincidence. I didn’t know the meanings until after I decided the names.

Does your character know about their ancestry/lineage?


No. She doesn’t care.

Does your chararcter’s parents help or harm them?


Ravenna’s father does both. But it’s starting to become slightly toxic. Winston’s mom… I don’t even want to talk about her.

Does your character have patience?