Does your character?


Ora, depends on the situation or time.

Does your character regret leaving someone they almost run away?



Does your character have anxiety?


Winston does. Ravenna rarely feels anxious unless she has a reason to be worried.

Does your character have a sibling?


One, her step-brother.

Does your character know how to treat out a second degree burn?


No. She usually never knows when she gets one, so she has to go her doctor because they become infected.

Does your character have a sensory disorder?


I don’t believe so…

Does your character procrastinate or do they get things done immediately?


Done immediately. She doesn’t have enough time to procrastinate.

Does your character have a problem with laziness?


Winston, yes. Ravenna, no.

Does your character act before they think or vice versa?


Vice versa. She doesn’t want to spend her short life with enemies.

Does your character think about death more often then they should?


Marianna since she wanted to have a gentle death instead of ending up like this.

Does your character have desire to bring back their loved ones?


No. She doesn’t have anyone should we bring back, she never knew her father and her mother’s an orphan.

Does your character have social issues?


Duplicity is a little awkward and despises big parties
Does your Character have a favorite band


She loves Of Monsters and Men

Does your character have sleeping issues?


Duplicity sleeps like the dead so not really
Does your character act over the top


She acts really nonchalant. But some of her actions have been extreme.

Does your character have any mental issues/disorders/illnesses?


Yep, Z does
Does your character prefer carpet or tiles?


Carpet. She’s less likely to hurt herself.

Does your character have to be cautious?


Yes. Of everything she does ever.

Does your character like to take their time or do they rush through?


Yes for two of my characters, 1 is a fanatic and the 2nd one doesn’t particularly enjoy the work but has a lot of experience within the field.

Does your character believe in the supernatural?


They wish. I mean some definitely have more privileges than others, but none of them have all of the comforts and privileges that life can offer.

Does your character have a favorite animal?