Does your character?


Just to let you know, you’re supposed to answer the latest reply. Not just any question you want. And to answer your question, I think Ravenna likes foxes and cats.

Does your character like to take their time or do they rush through things?


(Ahh, I see. Sorry, newbie mistake.)

I believe Celene would tend to rush through things more.

Does your character have any major regrets?


(That’s alright!)

Yes, but I can’t say what for, due to spoilers.

Does your character have a lot of friends?


Nope, she’s a very solitary and doesnt go out often
Does your character have a dramatic personality?


No. Very nonchalant. Always in control.

Does your character have a sense of humor?


I don’t think so. She’s very serious and cold.
Does your character have a funny hobby?


Not really, unless riding dragons is funny.
Does your character have a crush on someone?


Nope! Red doesn’t.

DYC like exotic foods?


Not really. She’s not the most adventurous.

DYC have a large group of friends?


Duplicity has a moderate group of friends
Does your character consider them self a good person


No. She’s sometimes disgusted by her own actions.

Does your character have a long-term goal?


Yes, Z wants to destroy the government and make them pay for what they did to her
Does your character ever eat out of a garbage can?


Gwen probably has once or twice on her travels, when trying to get in and out of a city as painlessly as possible.

Does your character enjoy board games?


Yes, especially chess.

Does your character have an obsession?



Does your character feel a need to be secretive?


Sophia doesn’t feel the need, but she can be pretty secretive. She’s had her trust broken a lot, so she’s secretive because she doesn’t want/need it broken again. It wouldn’t be good for her.

Does your character have a certain hobby?


She likes describing things poetically.

Does your character have loud footsteps?


I don’t know. I’ve never really gone into that.

Does your character have a unique ancestry?


Not really. She’s your average American.

Does your character have a dirty mind?


Very dirty. All of them.

Does your character joke around a lot?