Does your character?


Yeah. She likes to make light of situations that are pretty dark.

Does your character have a bigger than average vocabulary?


Yeah, I’d say Ravenna has a high vocabulary. But she usually doesn’t throw them around randomly to look super intelligent. :joy:

Does your character have a love interest?


Later in the story she will.

Does your character need constant attention?


Nope. Too independant.

Does your character have any relationship issues?


Hell yeah. His first and second girlfriends end up manipulating him. And he hasn’t dated ever since.

Does your character get attached to people easily?


The complete opposite. She rarely ever gets emotionally attached to people.

Does your character like to step out of their comfort zone?


No, but has to anyway cause the apocalypse is unpredictable.
Does your character prefer sleep or exercise?


Haha… Neither. He’s a sleep deprived insomniac surviving off of two hours of rest and more caffeine then can be good for anyone. Exercise on the other hand - Out of the question.

Does your character have a religion?


Believe they’re Christian. All of them.

Does your character have any stepsiblings/half siblings?


Nope. It’s just her and her mom.

Does your character have a large or small family?


Incredibly small. Just parents and an older brother, all of whom die. Well technically not the brother since he comes back as a zombie.

Does your character have a close relationship with someone other than a family member?


Yep. Her best friend Skye has been in her life as long as her collective memory can recall.

Does your character have any sort of significant other?


That’d be a spoiler :slight_smile:

Does your character believe in true love?


Yeah. She sees her best friend Skye and her date Jared and how happy they are and has to believe. She wants a taste of it before she dies too.


Does your character hate anyone or anything?


Victoria hates Sophia. Ray hates entitlement. Sophia hates prejudice, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. All those things, she hates.

Does your character like to play sports?


Griffin loves it. He does track and probably has a future career in the Olympics for it.

Does your character have a passion for anything?


She doesn’t give herself time for a passion in the beginning of the story. She believes that everyday is her last, so she drinks it up without trying to accomplish much. At the end of the story, well, that’s a spoiler. :wink:

Does your character have any good friends?


She may not consider them friends, but yes. Draven is like a brother to her, even if she doesn’t realize it (because she sucks at self awareness. Seriously, she needs to self-reflect for once.)

Does your character have a bucket list?


It’s not really a bucket list, but yes. It’s her Simple Dreams list. She made it when she was thirteen it’s all of her teenage wishes. Hence why the book is called Simple Dreams.

Does your character have any short term goals?