Does your character?


Yes, it’s peaceful.

Does your character prefer the outdoors or indoors?


Z and Jay prefer the outdoors
Does your character have any addictions?


Cain drinks too much. Winston smokes too much. Not sure if it’s bad enough to be considered an addiction, however.

Does your character care about what others think of them?


Yes and no. His survival depends somewhat on people thinking he’s not dangerous (or at least, not dangerous to them), but as far as everything else goes, he doesn’t care.

Does your character like musicals?


Does your character have any allergies?


I don’t believe so.

Does your character recycle?


Hunter does
Does your character live alone?


No. He lives with his parents and siblings, then with his brother, then with a bunch of apocalypse survivors as the plot progresses.

Does your character know how to surf?


They’ve never tried, but Z would figure it out quickly enough
Does your character have survivors guilt?


I suppose the guilt he suffers with could be called that.

Does your character have a favorite weapon?


For Hunter it’s his pistols,
For Z it’s her claws
Does your character have bad breath?


Does your character enjoy dancing?


Ooh, she usually hates it, unless it’s a waltz during a special occasion.

Does your character have a traumatic experience they can’t forget?


For some of them, yes. Narcissus can’t forget the night his father was assassinated, and Faith can’t forget the day military command attacked her village and murdered everyone.

Does your character have a favorite/lucky number?


9 is her favorite number. I’m not sure if there’s a specific reason for it.

Does your character act differently in front of certain people?


Hell yeah. Clyde acts like an absolute sociopath in front of his enemies and in public then becomes an absolute dork around people he cares about

Does your character like nature?


Not exactly nature, but she does like taking quiet, peaceful walks surrounded by nature.

Does your character reflect any aspect of you?


All of my stories’ heroes struggle with overcoming mistakes made in the past that they make worse by putting extra pressure on themselves, a problem I myself deal with in real life. Luckily, the more I write about these characters becoming heroes, the more faith I have in overcoming my own issues…(Sorry if I started rambling)

Does your character take any characteristics from people you know?


I kinda feel bad for saying this, but Ravenna does share my sister’s ambition, strong-willed personality, and a strong desire for power and control. But it’s okay, because she knows and she thinks Ravenna is kinda cool. Both are also Aries (unintentional coincidence).

Does your character conjure sympathy from you as the author?


Z does
Does your character believe in ghosts?