Does your character?


Kinda of. But not completely.

Does your character have a fear of the unknown?


Does your character like Christmas?


No. He doesn’t like the fact it seems people around him are so good at keeping secrets from him(even if it’s something simple and small, like what they got him for Christmas). He likes the idea of getting people presents but then feels he hasn’t bought enough and tends to over buy so he’s not the one giving the least amount of gifts. Basically, the idea of the holiday is cool but he can’t handle it.

Does your character trick or treat?


She stopped trick or treating ever since she was only 8 years old.

Does your character have a favorite movie?


Yes, the 1953 movie Invaders from Mars.

Does your character like their name?


She’s vain, so yes. She likes nearly everything about herself.

Does your character desire change or do they like when things stay the same?


Given the fact he spends the entire story turning into a zombie, he definitely would like some change right now

Does your character have a goal in life?


Yes. To top the social hierarchy ladder. Which is a very broad and vague goal, but that leaves it open to more than one path.

Does your character like spicy foods?


Does your character believe the arts are more important then the sciences or the vice versa?


Yes. Clyde values music, art, and literature over logic and rationality but mostly due to his own lack of personal logic and rationality.

Does your character speak in a sophisticated manner or do they have casual conversations?


Narcissus is the only one who likes to speak in a sophisticated manner. Everyone else just speaks casually.

Does your character enjoy being out in the rain?


Not at all. I’m sure she hates it. She only likes rain when she’s indoors occupying herself with an intriguing T.V. show.

Does your character have a large appetite?


He used to. Now he’s lucky if he can keep any food down, which knocks that out.

Does your character prefer animals to humans (or whatever the equivalent species of humans is in their world) or vise versa?


Humans over animals in general. But her pony over many people, mainly because she doesn’t care about many people. And she loves herself.

Does your character have a certain reputation?


Z as a cold-blooded, emotionless killer who will stop at nothing to do her job
Hunter as a great tracker
Does your character eat meat?



Does your character have a soft spot for animals?


Yes. All of them do.

Does your character enjoy living on mountains (high elevation) or plains (low elevation)?


Low elevation. They aren’t used to the mountains, because they live right next to the beach.

Does your character have any fatal flaws?


Connie can be a mess or bum sometimes, but she always tried to run away from her family problem.

Does your character have a carefree and laid-back personality?


Yes if Duplicity was anymore laid back he wouldn’t have a spine
Does your character look like anyone (celebrity character from other series) (example: Duplicity looks like Izaya Orihara from Durarara)