Does your character?


Duplicity loves the smell of new books and coffee
Does your character have a favourite video game or what would their favourite video game be


In all honesty, she’s not the type to play any video games at all. So none.

Does your character watch movies? And if they do, what type do they like?


He does. His favorites are fantasy and sci-fi. He likes those old, black-and-white, campy sci-fi movies.

Does your character hold petty grudges?


depends on what the person did but Duplicity will pay his grudges back in full no more or less
does your character have a rage form


Winston tends to either yell, punch, or break things, depending on how angry he is.

Does your character have a hobby they do for fun?


Clyde loves visiting the cinema and watching Disney cartoons (since the story takes place in the 1930’s)

Does your character own a vehicle of some kind?


He owns a bicycle. If he needs something faster, he’ll ‘barrow’ something.

Does your character prefer to be alone than around people?


This looks like fun!
Violet’s love for crowds varies on her mood. She can have severe mood swings sometimes, so it’s an on and off thing. She mostly likes being around noone, but with the exception of her brother.

Does your character like pineapple on pizza?



Does your character treat people they dislike differently than everyone else?


A bit, depends on how much she dislike them.

Has your character gone through something horrible?


Yes. She, as everyone else in the world, experienced The Change, the day in which The Authority came to power. Her city basically became a Battlefield during 48 hours before the government of Chile, and every other government in the world, were finally destroyed, with her living on the capital, this was brutal. After this, she experiences 3 years of living on a Global Dictatorship that is extremely oppressive. People she knew suddenly changing all their political opinions, a lot of people simply gone as collateral damage during The Change, and a ton of other people being killed because of dissent, the parents of her (male) best friend joining the new government and him too as a result, her school was an Orwellian Nightmare, and so was life in general. Everything about culture was replaced by a cultish version of itself, towards the most absurdly blind loyalty to the new government. Her parents desperate trying to hide their actual political opinions (They were part of a Leftist Party before The Change, and anything considered “Old World Politics”, be it right-wing or left-wing, is persecuted). All of this is before the actual start of the book though it continues during the first two parts. When she finally decides to do something about all of this and try to defeat The Authority, things start to go from bad to worse, as The Authority becomes paranoid of “rebels”. Basically, she has been going through horrible things since The Change, when The Change happened, she was a 13 years old girl. By the end she’s 24. almost 11 years of constant horrible things happening. Her life wasn’t pretty

Has your character ever killed another person?


Can’t say, because that would be a spoiler.

Does your character have any siblings?


Yep. They’ve all got brothers. Sophia and Victoria each have an older brother named Anthony and David, respectively. Ray has a younger brother named Randy.

Does your character like to show sass?


Ravenna to “authority”. But it’s extremely subtle, so she never gets in trouble or anything.

Does your character act like a rebel?


That’s rather easy for my character, specially considering that she lives in a world dictatorship. My character is one of the founding members of the Rebellion, actually

Does your character have any addiction?


Duplicity is addicted to two things coffee and Violet
Does your character like to gamble


No. Not at all.

Does your character have a strong moral code?


Kinda. Since he’s a bounty hunter, he doesn’t kill women or kids. That’s pretty much it though.

Does your character swear a lot?


Only when she’s really angry.

Does your character behaves rude with those around him/her?



Does your character ever hurt someone they love?