Does your character?


Eventually, unintentionally.

Does your character have any relationships they hide from other people?


Not yet, but Hunter will
Does your character have lots of hair?


Um…you mean the one that’s on your head? Yes…

Does your character have a favorite activity to do on rainy days that does not involve going outside?


She never goes outside voluntarily when it rains. (It’s literally raining right now where I live) She would hang around inside her bedroom, maybe watching a movie, snuggled in the blankets with hot chocolate. Or if she’s feeling productive, she’d plan meetings and organize stuff.

Does your character feel obligated to do anything or be a certain way?


Victoria feels obligated to be like Sophia since her parents have been comparing her CONSTANTLY since Sophia took off. There’s another character, but that’d be a spoiler

Does your character feel a lot of pressure placed on them?


Yes, but Ravenna handles it like a queen because she’s so used to it. Winston did once, but after it became too much, he completely gave it all up.

Does your character get emotional easily?


Sophia did, but she’s getting better. Victoria, nah. Ray’s the total opposite. He closes off from everyone else and he doesn’t show his emotions.

Does your character act all strong?


Winston tries. He’s always strong on the outside, but take even a small peak into his internal POV and you’ll quickly realize he’s breaking from vulnerability.

Does your character forgive and forget easily?



Does your character walk off injuries easily?


Not at all. She’d kill the person who caused it.

Does your character have a favorite person to work with?


Nope, most of my characters are unemployed

Does your character smell what The Rock is cooking?


I have no idea hahahahah.

Does your character want a job?


Duplicity has a job sort of he works at his masters pop-culture shop as cover for his familiar activities
Does your character enjoy having days off


Absolutely. There’s a lot of things that my characters do everyday.

Does your character like fantasy?



Does your character like going to the library?


Does your character watch any sports


Sophia screams “bookworm.” I mean, she could practically live in the library.

Does your character have a stable life?


@DeanJacgung: No. She hates sports and everything to do with it.

@SVTSwrites: Ravenna’s stable in her opinion. Winston is not.

Does your character have a lot of patience?


Yes and No depends on who or what he is being patient for
Does your character have a favourite way to relax


Staying home, usually having alone time in her own bedroom where she can gather herself together comfortably.

Does your character have picky tastes in dating?