Does your character?


Not really. She isnt picky
Does your character have a person in their life that they just hate like they cant stand them even if they’re doing nothing???


Yes, definitely. But sometimes, she can tolerate him though, because they see each other nearly every day.

Does your character have a crush on anyone?


No. She’s too close with him to think of him as an interest
Does your character book or street smart?


Ravenna has both. Winston has street smarts.

Does your character like junk food?


No. She’s really healthy…
Does your character love or hate technology?


In between. Neutral.

Does your character have a favorite hobby?


Violet loves to draw. She’s secretly really good at it.

Does your character snap easily? As in through anger?


Oh absolutely not. Ray has a weird sense of patience, and it INFURIATES people, because they try to tick him off for fun, and he’s just standing there like “mmhhhmmmm okay.” When he DOES get ticked off (which is rare), then it’s like all hell broke loose. Sophia also never gets mad. Victoria is kind of down the middle. She gets mad a lot, but she keeps it in. Sonia’s a bit of a hot head, so she does snap easily. Like with Ray’s scenario, it isn’t pretty.

Does your character hate happiness?


I don’t think Ravenna’s ever truly felt happy for as long she can remember. Winston’s only ever learned what happiness was through Cain and even that took a lot of effort.

Does your character hate anything?


Victoria hates Sophia. Ray hates entitlement, bigotry, racism, sexism… Sophia hates anything that is against humans. Sonia HATES catcallers and pedos, and she’ll teach them a lesson. She also hates Pete to some extent, but others, she’s good. (maybe she’s fine with him in a few ways :smirk: ) Lisa hates Ray and Sophia’s relationship… that’s pretty much it.

Does your character want to meet someone?


SHIP, SHIP, SHIP. :smirk::smirk: Ravenna has already met him once, but she really wants more interactions with her father’s boss, a CEO of a business company. I believe he was mentioned in that little extra chapter that I sent you a while back, but that storyline was unfortunately cut out of the prequel.

Does your character have a subconsious wish or desire for something?


Victoria has a longing desire to just get back at Sophia for all the pain she’s caused her. Lisa wants to see their relationship crumble in front of her eyes. Pete just doesn’t want to die in high school. Sonia wants to go to school. For the rest, there’s too many.

Does your character get teased a lot?


Same, man. Same. One person just needs to say the most simple, unoffensive thing about Ravenna that could be taken the wrong way and in the end die for it. Winston gets more scorn and fear than teasing. I don’t think anyone wants to tease him either.

Does your character handle fear well?


Fear? Hmmm depends on what kind. If it’s the kind like waiting for tests, they all seem pretty chill. If it’s the fear that Sophia experienced in chapter 19, oh then she’s going to almost crap her pants. She’s not used to that, so she’d lose it. Victoria has seen everything, so nothing fazes her anymore. Ray’s grandfather has experienced that fear twice, with both his daughters (Ramona and Danicka) when they got pregnant. (I was about to say 3 times, but I think he knew that he would lose his wife sooner than he thought). You know what happened with his wife. If he lost his daughters, then he would probably just break, and be an empty shell. Luckily, he didn’t, so everything was fine.

Does your character have a horrible habit that isn’t life threatening?


I love how you specified “non life-threatening”. :joy::joy: Ravenna is very opinionated to the point that it’s close minded and toxic. Winston has anger issues that potentially could be dangerous at times.

Does your character ever torture themselves to be more productive?


Hahahah because I know that Cain is a heavy drinker, and Winston is too XD. Oh Victoria definitely. I’m not going to bore you, but you know what Caitlin does. Victoria pushes herself too much to be more productive to make her mom proud. It’s a little bit unhealthy.

Does your character have big feet? (I’m so out of ideas hahaha)


:joy::joy: I think as teenage males, Cain and Winston probably have normal sized feet for their age and gender, but they probably seem big at first glance. Bit overall, no, I don’t think they do. :joy::joy:

Does your character prefer ice cream or popsicles?


Oh ice cream. Sophia would eat an entire tub of ice cream if she didn’t have a heart attack. Ray would do that also, but he’s got those muscles to keep for Sophia :smirk:. (jk). But I think Pete prefers popsicles, and Sonia doesn’t care. It’s frozen sugary treats.

Does your character play an instrument?


Not currently, but Ravenna learned the flute during middle school. Needless to say, she doesn’t remember anything.

Does your character like rainy days?


Sophia finds the rain kind of calming, but she hates her hair getting wet in the rain. Ray doesn’t care, and I’m sure Sonia is like “oh heck yeah! Now I don’t have to talk to my snobby neighbors!”

Does your character like to save money?