Does your character?


Cain doesn’t care, if he needs money, he gets it. If he can’t get money, he’ll shoplift. Ravenna doesn’t care either, because she’s very well off, but she’s not the type to buy useless things. She buys things she likes and wants. Winston saves his money, because on his own as a teen without a job, he has little unless he asks his mother. And trust me, he’d rather go homeless than to ask his mother.

Does your character have any toxic friends?


Hahahahah whoa whoa. They do NOT have a good relationship at all man. And Lisa is REALLY toxic towards Victoria, as you saw in chapter 30. Other than that, I don’t think anyone else has one right now.

Does your character have a weird taste in food?


Yeah, I mean, she emotionally and verbally abused him almost his entire life growing up. She’s one of the main reasons he has so many issues and grew up pessimistic and bitter. And I wouldn’t say any of them have a weird taste in food. Except Griffin. Griffin would down anything so long as it’s edible and not raw garlic.

Does your character prefer babies or puppies?


Oh Sophia wouldn’t be able to choose. She loves both so much, and she’d be like “both please?” Ray would choose babies. Victoria would do puppies.

Does your character like stuffed animals?


Little Ravenna loved stuffed animals, but she LOVED playing with her dolls and setting them on little chairs on her cute little pink table, having a little tea party, even though the “tea” was actually just apple juice because little Ravenna (as well as current Ravenna) was never a huge fan of tea. Man, she was so cute back then. Richard, what have you done?

Does your character use to have imaginary friends?


I’m not either. She’s not alone. Yeah Richard, you monster! She sounded so cute as a little girl! And you showed me that picture of what you thought she looked like, and I kind of melted a little inside because she looked so bloody cute. Ahhhh. And I feel like Ray would have an imaginary friend as a kid, AND he’d probably speak Czech. Ramona would be pleasantly amused. Ray would be like “Mommy my fwiend is here! He’s fwom Czech!” and Ramona would be like “he grows up too fast.” Oh Ray sounded like a sweetheart as a kid.

Does your character love their couch?


Awww, I love talking about our characters as little kids. They were just too darn adorable. Little Ravenna makes me melt on the inside. Ravenna loves just about everything in her house, so yes. Winston stays in his room most of the time if he’s home and that has no couch. The couch is in the living room and his mom is usually in the living room or kitchen. So nope, nope, nope. Griffin loves the couch that he watches Spongebob and eats popcorn on.

Did your character like to play in sand boxes as a kid?


No, he mostly liked picking fights with dudes twice his size lol

Does your character have questionable morals?


Z does
Does your character have a favourite piece of music/song?


Yes the song her mother used to sing when they were little
Does your character have a pet?


Yes, but it’s not a home pet and she only visits it once a week or less.

Does your character live alone?


Not really. Shes in the military so noooo
Does your character have a least favorite way of travel? If so why?


I think she doesn’t mind any, as long as they don’t take forever. But I think bike is her least favorite, because it makes her feel vulnerable. And it’s also a physical activity and she hates physical activities.

Does your character have a favorite mode of transportation? If so, why?


Axelia loves her Harley Davidson mostly because it makes her feel free but also because it pisses her parents off when she drives it.

Does your character have a favorite holiday to celebrate?


Linden likes Halloween because he has a valid excuse to dress up as someone and to sing show tunes obnoxiously. Holt was raised very religiously (I made one up so as to not offend anyone haha), so any of the holidays surrounding his religion are his favourite to celebrate.

Does your character have any hobbies/interests others find kinda weird?


Yes. Griffin has plenty.

Does your character ever question their love for someone?


Frequently! She finds herself frequently accosted by a lack of operationalization - how does one define love? Is it sensation based? If so, her feelings of warmth can be fleeting. Is it loyalty based? She does not always prioritize her loved one; her health and passions assume center stage when circumstances call for it. All very confusing for her…

What passion of your character’s gives them the greatest anxiety?


Her leadership role gives her immense pride and dignity, but she prioitizes it so much that it could one day become her downfall.

Does your character have a lot of patience?


Depends on what he is being patient for
Does your character like disney movies


No, I think she hates them.

Does your character have a favorite food?