Does your character?


Of course they do. If I listed all of them then I’d be here for hours.

Does your character have a favorite vacation spot?


I think Ravenna favors Paris.

Did/does your character have a secret handshake with anyone?


Well…it’s secret. So I wouldn’t know.

Is your character an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert?


Ambivert. Very good with social situations, but sometimes prefers to work alone or in smaller groups.

Does your character care about others’ opinion of them?


Yes and no. Nokra values the opinions of those who emanate similar values as herself. Simultaneously, she can be callous and dismissive towards people who she believes do not prioritize rationalism as the primary construct from which their opinions/perspectives are formed.

Would your character agree with the philosophy: “the ends justify the means.”?


No. In fact the entire sequel revolves around how much he disagrees with that philosophy.

Does your character get injured often?


Griffin. By far. He breaks and fractures bones so often, it’s never a surprise.

Does your character have a driver’s license?


Hunter does
Does your character have a fake passport/identity papers?


Strastor does, as do both of his brothers and quite a lot of the people they work with. It’s one of the perks of being a big player in a revolution against the government.

Does your character lie a lot?


Whenever it’s beneficial. She tends to avoid doing so unless she has a reason to. So yes and no.

Does your character feel guilty easily?


Rarely. She clings heavily to what she believes is logic - this tends to minimize any whispers of guilt that may tail her should she make a decision that ripples harm to those around her. Even when she acknowledges an error, she more seeks to walk through it than hold it to recognition.

Does your character’s motivations spawn from inspiration or from fear?


Inspiration mostly. But a tiny bit of fear secures it.

Does your character believe more in hard work or luck?


Pete is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. I mean, Ray always says that it’s the way he got into AP subjects. Everyone else is more of a hard work person. It’s kind of one of the many reasons why Sonia and Pete don’t get along very much. But you never know. Opposites attract :smirk: :wink:

Does your character slack off?



Winston does. Ravenna can’t afford to do that. Draven is the classic “straight A, future valecditorian” type of student, so he works his butt off while also juggling Inquisitor responsibilities as Secretary. Griffin tries not to. But he’s a happy-go-lucky, “I do whatever I feel like doing” type of guy. So yes, sometimes he does.

Does your character have an obsession with anything? (Food, materialistic item, brand, style, etc.)


Um… I don’t think anyone has any sort of obsession whatsoever. The only person who I think could’ve had some sort of obsession was Roman. He has a thing for really pretty girls (why else did he target Sophia?), and he really likes the brown hair, brown eyed, innocent looking girls. It nearly cost Sophia her life. But yeah he’s a creep.

Does your character act overdramatic sometimes?


Griffin when he drops his big bowl of popcorn during a Spongebob marathon. :joy: But in all seriousness, I think Ravenna is overdramatic in a way that doesn’t seem like it. Like how she takes some things that wouldn’t bother a normal person way too seriously, most especially if it’s something that interfers with her pride. But she’s not overdramatic in the way that someone would throw a tantrum over a lost eraser (cough, cough my sister cough, cough). Ravenna is kinda overdramatic in the calm, collected manner.

Does your character have trouble making decisions?


Eh not really honestly. I feel like if they did, it’d be really stupid and small decisions. For Pete, it’d probably be whether to watch “Band Geeks.” or “Loop de Loop,” of Spongebob. I wish I was a character, because I’d have trouble deciding whether to make Sonia and Pete date.

Does your character like to take notes?


Djjdieo rd h szndhrkejrrhriehdndnrnm (my reaction).

Ravenna and Draven are rigorious note takers. They take notes when they aren’t mandatory. Both have perfected the art of quickly jotting down whatever words spew out of their teachers’ mouths.

Does your character have a priority in their life currently? If so, what is it?


Does food count? If so, yes. Ray, Sophia, and Sonia’s priorities would be to get through high school and prepare for college, since it’s so close. Victoria’s is to just stay alive. Pete just wants to finish the most recent episode of Spongebob.

Does your character drool? (weird question I know)


Pete and Griffin are on the same boat here. :joy::joy: Ravenna is probably the most elegant sleeper there is, lol. I’m not sure about the rest, but Winston is messy when he sleeps. Chances are, he’d wake up at 10:00 on the floor with his shirt off. On a school day. Griffin, similar to Ravenna, is somewhat of an elegant sleeper who just looks like an angel somehow (he’s crazier and more out of control when he’s awake). As for drooling, I can’t be sure, because it’s such a specific trait. :joy:

Does your character have a favorite sleeping position?