Does your character?


Interesting question. I’m pretty sure Sophia sleeps on her left side. Ray sleeps on his back. Victoria, on her right side. Pete and Sonia, I have no clue.

Does your character snore?


I think Cain does. Especially when he’s been drinking.

Does your character know how to use a gun?


Lmao I can imagine. Him and Sonia downing 12 shots of vodka, and then while she’s just chilling on the couch, Cain is like “zzzzzzZzzzzzzzzzzzzZzzzzzzzzzz.”

As for your question, Scott knows how to use a gun. As a police officer, he kinda has to know how to use a gun to be honest. I think he also taught Anthony how to shoot a gun.

Does your character know the exact ways to kill someone?


Oh, Cain. :joy::joy: Ooof, that’s a dark question. Cain knows methods, but he’s never tried them. But he definitely has knowledge in nearly all fields of crime, murder and cleaning the evidence included. So if he ever had to kill someone, he’d know what to do to get rid of all the evidence that may lead back to him.

Does your character have a dream wedding spot?


Dream wedding spot… Sophia wants to get married where there’s lots of beautiful nature, and happiness. She wants a pretty nice sized wedding, and she’d marry the man of her dreams. Ray wouldn’t mind a beach. I’m sure Pete would get married in a Spongebob suit XD. Sonia would want a small beach wedding probably. Maybe Pete likes beach weddings. Awwww, that’s one thing they have in common… And I love they want to have their wedding on a beach. Maybe it’ll be to each other? :smirk:

Does your character have a favorite color to wear?


Akdknrfnldfjfh YASSSSSS PLS.

Ravenna has preference to red and black, because red is psychologically found to be seductive and attractive and indicates power (so basically Ravenna in a nutshell), while black is universally known to be elegant and influential (again, Ravenna in a nutshell). Winston wears whatever, but I’ve noticed that he tends to wear dark neutral colors like black or grey shades. Maurice wears gray as well, because it brings out his grey/blue eyes. Just noticed I used both “gray” and “grey”. :joy::joy:

Does your character have a favorite person to ask advice from?


Sophia’s is either Sonia or her parents. Sonia is insanely wise, and she’s given great advice. Ray’s mom is great at it. Victoria goes to David for advice. Pete goes to Spongebob, and Sonia goes to her mom.

Does your character have a favorite place in the house?


Smart boy. :joy:

Ravenna’s favorite spot is either her bedroom or the third floor rooftop patio. Both for generally different reasons, but they both give her comfort and relaxation. But I daresay she feels safer in her bedroom though, because what happens if a helicopter pops out of nowhere or a drone is recording her on the rooftop patio? Now that’s just creepy.

Does your character have a favorite topic to talk about with their friends?


Sophia’s favorite is Ray. Ray’s is anything. Pete likes to talk about Sonia’s Russian heritage and annoy her. He also likes to quote Spongebob. For example, he’d sneakily coordinate with a guy named Patrick, and when he trips over, Pete would be like, “you ok Patrick?” and Patrick would yell out, “FINLAND!”

Does your character even have friends?


That question sounds so sad. :joy: Ravenna has followers, not friends. She doesn’t consider anyone a friend, but I guess Draven and Griffin technically are. Ravenna and Draven’s bond is very stable and inseparable. Ravenna and Griffin have this weird, but kinda cute relationship, because to her, Griffin’s different than everyone else. Winston’s BFF is Cain (obviously) and Griffin is a very close friend. Other than that, everyone else (such as fellow gang members and fellow Inquisitor members) are either aquaintances or enemies. Mostly the latter, because he hates everyone and almost everyone hates him in return.

Does your character have any former BFFs?


Is it weird I kinda ship Griffin and Ravenna? Great, now I’m conflicted. And not that I remember… at least…

Does your character drive well?


Nah, that’s not weird at all. I’ve seen some people ship it (me included :joy:).

Ravenna has a good sense of direction and is very careful, so yes. Winston is not good at it, but he doesn’t suck. Draven, like Ravenna, is very careful. Griffin is like, “Alright, what street is it on? Have I passed it yet? Oh, wait, it’s back there? Wait, where am I going again? Wait, can I U-turn here? Why is someone honking me?! THAT’S NOT VERY NICE!”

Does your character like traveling by plane or road trip?


Um… I don’t think Sophia minds it to be honest. But she hates sitting in a 10 inch wide seat for 10 hours while flying to Italy.

Does your character like cold weather?


They all live in OC, California, so they’re more used to the heat. So no, I’d say they don’t like cold weather, but depending on cold it is, they probably won’t mind it. Unless it’s below 50°F, because that’s the temperature Southern Californians freeze. :joy:

Does your character multi-task well?


Depends on what he’s doing, but for the most part, yes.

Does your character do well in school?



Does your character know how to ride a bicycle?


All of them do. Only one of them is old enough to drive, so they often rely on bikes as their main transportation if James won’t drive them.

Does your character have a dram job or some sort of dream end-goal? (idk if that makes sense ahaha, if it doesnt i can elaborate)


Yes. Ravenna’s career goal is to go somewhere in the business industry (either as a higher rank or an equal rank to her father). She’s a bit more open on the exact positions, because jobs can change and promotions happen. She definitely wants a business management degree. In terms of an end goal in general, she just wants to be as high on the ladder as possible, because it all ties in with the ideology she was raised with. I’d elaborate on that, but I’m afraid I’d be here for hours if I did.

Does your character plan out everything or are they spontaneous?


Depends on the situation. Linden tends to plan things out (or how he would phrase it, overthink things), whereas Holt is spontaneous and often acts before thinking. Linden cares about what his choices will lead him to, whereas Holt doesn’t.

Does your character have a favorite childhood memory?


For Ravenna, I don’t think it’s exactly a favorite childhood memory, because looking back on it and how much she’s changed, she’d think her younger self was naive and ignorant. But she used to have a blast playing “tea” party with her dolls at a little miniture table and all. Even though the “tea” was actually just apple juice, because Ravenna (young or current) was never a fan of tea.

Does your character have a favorite hobby?