Does your character?


Linden is a competitive swimmer, so definitely that. Holt likes to do things he’s not supposed to and talk a lot of smack.

Does your character get asked the same question often?


I think Ravenna gets asked by adults at her father’s business parties what she uses to have such pretty and clear skin. Which is a question that pisses her off, but she never shows it. Instead, she just smiles and tells them it’s natural.

Does your character have a style of what they wear?


Holt follows a dress code, so it’s usually long, baggy clothing, even in summer. Linden just wears whatever’s clean, which usually consists of a tee, jeans or khakis, and a zip-up.

Is your character often early or late places?


Early. She’s early to everything.

Does your character have extroverted or introverted tendencies?


With people he’s close with, Holt is quite extroverted and really loud. With people he’s not familiar with, he’s more quiet, but still is often the first person to extend the olive branch, per se. Linden, however, leans more towards being introverted. He lets other people do the talking and decision making.

Does your character lean more towards an innocent sort of person or a dirty sort of person?


Dirty for all of them. Except Griffin is the only one who’s more on the innocent side.

Does your character have trouble making important decisions?


Linden tends to think things out more, so he just takes long to make important decisions. Holt is too impulsive to really have trouble with it. They’re both too young still to make important decisions, really.

Does your character have any interest in the arts (drama, visual, etc)?


Griffin used to do drama, but they generally aren’t interested in the normal arts.

Does your character have a BFF?


Nick has Riley (though Riley used to wish it was more than just that). The two boys together are capable of destroying the entire universe if given the chance.

Does your character think negatively or positively about therapy


Both are on the fence about it. They’re both in therapy, and find it boring and an excuse to socialize, but they both know there are benefits from it.

Does your character have anywhere specific they want to travel?


My character has always wanted to travel to the ocean. She loves the soft sand and crashing waves. The sunny weather makes her feel cheerful.

Does your character consider themselves an extrovert or introvert?


Um, she’s an ambivert, but if you asked her, she’d say she considers herself an extrovert, because she’s very good with people.

Does your character have any dating experience prior to the novel?


There’s actually no real dating in the novel, but he has dated before the events that take place within it.

Does your character crave being the center of attention?


Yes. But it’s not the attention that she likes. It’s the feeling of control that comes with it.

Does your character have an ulterior motive?


Only the villains

Does your character have the guts to manipulate other people for their own self-benefit?


Ravenna does that all the time. It’s literally her hobby. Like, if you don’t see her doing that, then something’s terribly wrong.

Does your character consider themselves brave?


No, he considers himself a reckless idiot who needs to stop jumping off things to get away from beings that want to kill him, even if he looks cool doing it. Though he mainly considers himself that because his brother keeps yelling at him for it, and it’s easier to just agree with him.

Does your character have any quirks?


If you consider a tendency to break out into violent rampages a quirk, then yes…

Does your character have romantic preferences?


Nope, neither of them have an interest in romance
Does your character know martial arts?


No, R doesn’t. Neither do the two other main characters.

Does your character prefer reading ‘real’ books or online books?