Does your character?


Joachim prefers reading ‘real’ books when he is Reading for pleasure. But he doesn’t mind online books.

Does your character like candy?


She likes chocolate, not candy.

Does your character have a confidant?


I think Nicole’s is her dad.

Does your character have a role model?


Ravenna’s is her father. No wonder she’s a bi*ch. I feel like Winston is a bit more complicated. He doesn’t have a straight, one role model that he wants to be, but I think he admires Cain and Griffin, even though he doesn’t want to be either. He thinks Cain’s path is wrong and he thinks Griffin is too naive, but he respects how Cain has seen and been through shit, but never allowed it to pull him down and how Griffin still manages to cling to innocence even though he’s seen stuff. So Winston doesn’t want to be them, but he wants the good parts in them that people usually overlook.

Does your character have someone that they can’t stand?


Tanya can’t really stand Robert. I don’t know why they’re still married. Because she can’t stand Robert, she has some disdain towards her kids. Yeah Tanya just doesn’t like people.

Does your character hate a certain place?


Ravenna dislikes doctors’ offices and going to the dentist. She hates gymnasiums. Because sports, athletes, P.E. and sweat. She thinks gyms are toxic.

Does your character have a favorite place to hang out?


Z hates facility 42 because of what happened to her there
Does your character have a big family?


Absolutely not. Victoria has exactly one sister, and that’s it.

Does your character hide their emotions from the people they love?


Yes. In fact, her father was the very reason she grew up learning to hide and suppress her emotions in the first place.

Does your character feel happy with who they are?


At the beginning, Nicole felt amazing. She was proud of what she accomplished. However, with the marriage, things changed.

Does your character have any obsessions?


Ravenna is obsessed with chocolate (and sex). Same deal with Winston, minus the chocolate. Griffin loves Spongebob. Draven loves the thrill of accomplishment.

Does your character wing their assignments?


Seriously? Never expected Ravenna to be obsessed with that. I really think Pete wings all his assignments. I can bet you $10 that on an English paper about “The Catcher in the Rye,” he’d probably write a one page research paper on why dogs rule.

Does your character bs assignments?


Other than teens being horny, I think it’s because being promiscuous fills in a hole that’s empty. People who are sexually promiscuous usually do it because they lack self worth and seek validation, even if it’s temporary. Which is also why Winston is also like that. Ravenna may be super prideful and all, but she still needs validation in order to be fully convinced. I hope that makes sense. As for who would b.s. an assignment, that’d totally be Winston, just to get at least some credit. Maybe Griffin too if he procrastinated the night before the due date.

Does your character have a specific end goal that they are fighting for?


Yes, Vihane (the main antagonist) wants to be accepted by his father. He wants a family that loves him so badly, that he completely ruins his one chance at actually having a family that would love him.

Does your character have anyone/anything they would die for?


Ray would die for anyone that is close to his family. Anyone. He has such a big heart that way, and his family is one thing that he’d never let anyone touch. I think Victoria would die for her brother. Sophia would just die for anyone that was worth it.

Does your character have any unhealthy habits?


I’m afraid if I named them all, we’d be here for hours on end. :joy: Aren’t almost all of Winston’s habits bad? And Griffin’s reckless tendencies that often gets him injured?

Does your character believe in true love?


Nicole does. She loves love, and she yearns for it from her mom. Tanya, not so much. She always wonders why she got married and had kids.

Does your character have any guilty pleasures?


Again, Ravenna’s is sex and chocolate, though she tends to hold off on the latter because she needs to stay fit, but never exercises (cuz she infamously hates it). She also craves validation. Winston’s is probably porn to be completely honest. Griffin’s is Spongebob, though I doubt he’d feel guilty for loving it. He’d probably invite people to a Spongebob themed party, in which everyone just sits at the couch with popcorn as they binge the show.

Does your character have any pet peeves?


Ray’s is when Pete does ANYTHING annoying. I think Pete’s is Mr. Krabs XDDD. Sophia’s is probably steel grinding against steel (one of mine and I hate the sound). Victoria’s is probably Sophia. Sonia’s is probably… Pete! XD.

Does your character have a certain “label?”


Yes, very much so. Ravenna does in fact have a nickname “The Bitch of Summerfield High”. To newcomers, she sounds like the classic, popular blonde rich girl who is a bitch, except she has ridiculously good grades, is universally hated enough not to be ‘popular’, and would normally leave people alone unless she had a reason to seek vengeance. And Winston’s label is one of the things that defined him as a character. He’s seen and labelled as a “brute”, even though anyone who actually knew him knows that it’s a lie. He only got that label because people are quick to judge someone who gets into physical fights and is the BFF of an infamous criminal. Doesn’t exactly look good on his resume.

Does your character have a favorite birthday present to receive?