Does your character?


Food, jewelry, clothes, memories… I could go on.

Does your character have abusive tendencies?


I think Ravenna is emotionally abusive to those around her, usually not intentional. Winston’s mother was verbally and emotionally abusive and she knew it. Maurice, I believe, was sexually abusive to his past “girlfriends”. Nathaniel isn’t abusive, but he’s toxic to be around. (Geez, why is everyone so shitty?)

Does your character have anger issues?


Colin for sure. He has some of the worst anger issues that I’ve seen. It’s pretty bad. (I have no idea. And Maurice you prick)

Does your character like to beat people up?


Maurice has always and will always be a prick. The only reason why he doesn’t do that to Ravenna is because he thinks she’s worth a damn (because she’s like his boss and he can’t afford to get fired). The only one who I think actually enjoys it sometimes is Maurice. He gets off the adrenaline of it all. He views fighting as a sport, so when he gets the chance to flex that, he finds it enjoyable.

Does your character know how to swim?


No. :joy:

He’s the most powerful sorcerer in the land(can obliterate a village with a single snap of his fingers) but he sinks like a rock and screams over cockroaches.

He also wouldn’t enjoy swimming at beaches and oceans, since he deeply hates squids so much. He will keep thinking there’s a squid that’s going to attack him at any moment.

Does your character like to dance?


Dude. Same. :joy::joy::joy: Ravenna hates dancing with a passion. Unless it’s a waltz during a super special occasion with a super hot guy.

Does your character care about people’s opinion of them?


When you actually think about it, that kind of power with a fear of cockroaches makes a terrible combo. :joy:

Like imagine a cockroach getting onto his foot and he ends up casting a spell that blows up half of the city.

He’s dying to get some privacy in his life. He already knows that most people hate him for dethroning a “really good tsar.” However, he’s learned to suck it up.

Does your character have a secret guilty pleasure?


That would be a tragedy. :joy::joy: Ravenna loves chocolate. All of them: white, milk, and dark. She also loves buying a ton of designer black handbags to line her shelves, even though she only uses like 5 of them.

Does your character have a pet peeve?


I don’t think so.

Does your character have any pets ?


Does your character have a drivers license?



Does your character have an celebrity crush and who is it?


Neither of them does
Does your character have annoying parents/parental equivalent?


They’re not annoying in an embarrassing way, more he has to keep them on track. They’re terrible with money and can’t get along. He’s the peace maker.

Does your character like meeting new people?


Z doesn’t
For Hunter, it depends on the person

Does your character like to eat healthily?


He doesn’t mind it, but he won’t go out of his way to only get healthy food. (He doesn’t do the shopping, he’s a teenager)

Does your character hate hospitals?


Z does, because they remind her of Facility 42
Does your character play any musical instruments?


Nope, none of the three main characters do.

Does your character blame anyone but themselves for their problems?


Z blames the government, and the corrupt senators, but not the scientists who created her
Hunter blames himself for some, and Scott for the rest
Does your character ever have suicidal thoughts?


Yes, and he’s trying to work through them.

Does your character take any medication?


Z, not by choice
Does your character chew gum?