Does your character?


Not usually.

Does your character know how to ride a motorcycle?


Both Hunter and Z do
Does your character live on Earth?



Does your character have an opinion on politics?


Z hates all politicians equally, but she does believe that no human should be subjected to genetic mutation without their consent
Hunter doesn’t have any major opinions

Does your character like pink things?


¿a tu personaje le gustan los chiclets?


I don’t think she’d even know what a chiclet was.

Does your character have a favorite person to talk to?


Nicole’s is probably her dad or Elena. Colin… probably himself because he’s a selfish little prick. Mark’s is probably his girlfriend Elise.

Does your character own a lot of something? (other than Cain and his guns)


Linden owns a bunch of CDs, vinyls, and even tapes. They practically fill his whole room.

Does your character have a guilty pleasure? If so, what is it?


Drinking alcohol, smoking. She knows it is wrong but addiction is hard to fight.

Does your character have super powers?



Does your character have a specific opinion on what actions they think are “unforgivable”?


Given the fact she’s a cop, she believes that murder and rape are completely unforgivable, especially the latter.

Does your character blow off insults easily?


Nope. She takes even a minor implication very personally, enough to set up a revenge plan.

Does your character ever question whether or not they’re a good person?


No, he knows he’s a bad person and thinks it’s hilarious.

Does your character rely on someone more than they should?


No. They’re sometimes too independant that it’s harmful to their mental health.

Does your character care about animals?


Nicole, absolutely. Colin cares when they’re cooked and served on his plate :slight_smile:

Does your character like to sew?


No, anything that takes coordination isn’t his strong suit.

Does your character recognize people after meeting them once?


Yes. She’s very good at that. She’s pretty decent with names too, unless she viewed that person as insignificant when they first met and therefore did not make an effort to remember their name.

Does your character have a good sense of direction?


No. He could get lost in his own house.

Does your character do their own laundry?


No. Ravenna’s mom does that. Everyone else usually does their own laundry.

Does your character know what career they want to pursue?


He wanted to go into the family business. Didn’t work out. At all.

Does your character believe in an after life?