Does your character?


Ravenna’s agnostic. So she doesn’t know, nor does she care enough to develop a solid opinion. Her priority is only this life that she’s living in now, regardless of what happens after death.

Does your character care about what their family thinks of them?


Anvils doesn’t care about what anyone thinks of here. Family is not even included because she lost them.

Does you character have anyone in their life whom they would never disappoint?


Ravenna would never want to disappoint her father. To her, her father’s approval determines her value, so the day her father expresses disappointment in who she is and how she’s living is the day her purpose dies. And she’d pretty much turn to nothing.

Does your character have someone they are dependant on?


Alive person?
Not yet.
Yes. Anvika clings onto Charans memories, and totally depends on the advices he had given her whenever she is in trouble.

Does your character have a strong sense of right and wrong?


Not at all. She only knows what society would deem as right or wrong, but there is a lot that she doesn’t agree with society’s standards. To her, “right” and “wrong” don’t matter. Just what’s smart.

Does your character lie a lot?


Jay hates lies, liers and lying. So no.
Anvika might speak with loopholes so that she isn’t exactly lying but not saying the truth either.

Does your character love having pets? How would they react if they were given one?


Please add another question.




(It’s fine.) She wouldn’t want a home pet, because it takes time to care for and she’s already busy. But she does have a pony that she visits every week or so. If someone gave her a pet like a dog or a cat, her reaction would vary, but she wouldn’t be super happy, because she never wanted one in the first place and they were only pushing more responsiblities on her when she doesn’t have the time for it.

Does your character have a high or low self esteem?


Z’s is low, Hunter’s is average I suppose
Does your character eat Italian food often?


No, Jaycen is more of a ‘bar food’ kind of guy.

Does your character have a favorite movie?


Does your character go to the cinema often?


Not often, but ocassionally, yes.

Does your character have prefer dawn or dusk?


Hunter dawn, Z dusk
Does your character like to try new things?


They generally prefer to stick with familiar things, because trying new things involves risk. If there isn’t risk involved, then yes.

Does your character have someone that they can not bare to lie to?


Raye finds it hard to lie to Cherri, but will do so. And for the other story, no. That main character will lie to anyone about anything.

Does your character think they’d be a good parent?


Jaycen thinks he’d make a terrible parent and in fact, does not want to have kids at all.

Does your character drink much alcohol?


Dmitri drinks a lot. The only problem is, he can’t get drunk when it’s his main intention. Therefore, he can’t forget his problems even temporarily.

Does your character enjoy attention?


He sure does!

Does your character like when others compliments them?


It feeds her ego and gives her validation. Of course she’d love it!

Does your character have a strong bond with anyone specific that could never be broken?