Does your character?


Nicole’s kinda got better and better as the abuse with Colin got worse and worse. Robert does, after having dealt with years of marriage to Tanya. Elena’s like brick. Nothing can bring her down. Dom’s isn’t bad, but I feel like he has the worst pain tolerance out of all the Wilson siblings.

Does your character have a family member they love with all their heart? (Ravenna to Richard doesn’t count)


Aw. I think Austin loves Winston deep down, but they were never close, so… Richard loves Ravenna to pieces, so much so that he’s destroying her. I don’t think Maurice has the capability to truly love, but he’s fond of his mother for choosing him over his father. Griffin loves his mother and father to pieces.

Does your character have a favorite sibling?


Aw Griffin… he’s just a plushie unicorn on the inside, isn’t he? Dude, I don’t think Nicole would be able to choose between Dom and Elena. She loves them with whatever’s left of her heart. (Granted, her father takes the most of it, but hey). If they were kidnapped and held at gunpoint, and the person asked “which one should I shoot first?” then Nicole wouldn’t be able to choose. I think they all feel the same about each other.

Does your character have infuriating habits?


They all have potentially annoying habits, but I wouldn’t call it “infuriating”. Winston borders between passive aggressive, so Ravenna finds it annoying, because she thinks his attitude is disrespectful.

Does your character think before they act or vice versa?


We all know Colin acts before he thinks. On second thought, he probably doesn’t even think dude. I’m sure of it. The rest think before they act.

Does your character have horrible hygiene?


Ravenna’s hygiene is 19283 on a scale of 10. She’s very obsessed with organization and making herself look good. Winston is generally decent, but he would willingly not take a shower on a weekend. Draven, very hygienic. Griffin takes care of himself, so yes.

Does your character have an organized bedroom?


Of course. Colin makes Nicole scrub the house from top to bottom so of course it would be neat.

Does your character like snow?


They all live in SoCal in OC, so snow is very uncommon there. I think they’d definitely like the change in weather though. (Trust me, after it drops to 30°, they’d all die, because they’re Californians. But the snow aesthetic would be nice.)

Does your character have a best friend of the opposite gender?


Hm… After leaving, I guess Nicole saw Colin’s friends as her own. I think she favors Mark the most though.

Was your character surrounded by the opposite gender as a kid?


No, Richard had her surrounded by girls, because he was kinda overprotective. Not that Ravenna likes the girls. She went solo. Griffin was surrounded by a mix of everyone. Winston had no friends, but he was always surrounded by other guys. Draven was also a lone wolf like Ravenna.

Did your characters play with specific toys when they were younger?


Nicole loved Barbies. I don’t know why, but she just loved Barbies.

Does your character like Barbies?


Ravenna did, I think. She very much prefered the bigger dolls though, so she could seat them next to her for a tea party (apple juice, though. Ravenna never liked tea, young or present).

Does your character have a favorite hobby they do for fun?


Nicole would just bug her siblings and her dad. Elena would ride her bike. Dom was a softball player in high school, so he kinda taught Nicole some good things. She has a really good arm when it comes to pitching.

Does your character go to the gym?


Ravenna, of course not. She hates that. Winston does. Griffin runs mostly, so no. Draven, no (I’m beginning to see Draven as the male, but nicer version of Ravenna).

Does your character have a nickname?


Nicole’s is Phoenix. Elena’s… I don’t think she has a nickname. Dom’s full name is Dominic, but everyone calls him Dom. Robert’s is Bob (so original, I know). But he doesn’t like to be called that.

Does your character have long nails?


Lol. Ravenna’s nails are nice and trimmed. It’s not super short, but not super long either. I don’t think any of them have long nails.

Does your character watch YouTube? (If they don’t live in a world with YouTube, would they watch it if they did?)


My character is a youtuber in terms of his cosplay making so I’d presume he watches videos.

Does your character have an odd, uncommon, unusual, or weird talent?


My character makes his living as a thief, so he enjoys all the skills that come with it: pick-pocketing, climbing trees, jumping over obstacles, creating clever aliases, and blending into the background. But as an orphaned street rat in a medieval setting, his most surprising talent is that he can read.

Would your character pass a breathalyzer test on any given Friday night?


Probably not. Axelia has a privat chauffeur. And Joachim lives close to the club he likes to visit so he walks there.

Does your character have a favorit flower?


Roan is interested in plants in so much as they relate to tonic concoction and remedies, but if you asked him to name a favorite flower he probably wouldn’t know what to tell you.

Does your character have any secret talents?