Does your character?


Yes Duplicity was really good at running even before he got his magic powers
does your character have any secrets


Plenty. They all do.

Does your character lie often?


Nicole… she lies a little bit, but she knows that if she lies too much, then Colin will find out and beat her. Colin… biggest f-ing liar ever. I swear, when he goes on his business trips, he’s probably drinking some port at an Irish pub.

Does your character have a favorite memory with a parent?


Winston, of course not. Griffin, probably yes, but I don’t know enough about his family to know what it is specifically. Ravenna never had a “happy” or “fun” relationship with Richard, but I think she enjoys traveling with him a lot.

Does your character like going to school/work?


Nicole would kill to go back to school. She was planning to study psychology, but she couldn’t because her mom married her off. Elena actually likes her job, as does Dominic. I think Robert’s retired.

Does your character make a lot of money?


Richard makes at least $300,000 per year. Carter (Maurice’s father) makes $175,000 per year, even though he’s arguably just as rich (if not, more rich) than Richard. So, yes.

Does your character believe that the death penalty should be legal? (Random question, but I was watching a video about it and was curious.)


That’s actually a very important plot point in my story and is sadly a spoiler (Spoiler alert: Not at first until she sees her enemy’s true colors)

Does your character feel the need to please others?


Not necessarily to please, but to impress and gain respect. The only one she actually wants to please is her own father, but he’s just one person. Everyone else, she couldn’t give a crap about whether or not they liked her. Just respecting her is enough.

Does your character place value on their physical appearance?


Z doesn’t
Does your character consider themselves to be rich?


Axelia is a princess so she has money. And she has a rich life with friends and love. So yes she consider herself to be rich.

Does your character want children?


Neither Z not Hunter do
Scott already has one son and an adopted son (Hunter)
Does your character prefer to work in a group or alone?


Joachim works as a catering waiter. So he is in a team of sorts.

Does your character have a favorite TV-show, and if so what is it?


Neither of them does
Does your character like to read?


Yes, Joachim likes to read even if he doesn’t have time to read for fun that often he reads for school all the time.

Does your character like to do sports?


He likes hockey but doesn’t have enough time to watch or play it.

Does your character collect any sports memorabilia?


Does your character have a favourite food?


Axelia loves fries and burgers.
Does your character have a Youtube channel?



Does your character write in a diary?


Scott does and so does Cillian
For your character get annoyed easily?


Yes, but Ravenna doesn’t lash out or lose her temper. Winston also gets annoyed easily, but he’s more likely to lose his temper.

Does your character have a secret that no one knows about, except them?