Does your character?


In a way, Nicole kept the reality of her marriage a secret from everyone else she ever had contact with. She also has a few more secrets that not even Colin knows about.

Does your character have an oddly considerate side?


Lol, you already know from today’s chapter.

Does your character respect authority?


Depends on how it’s enforced.

Does your character have a favorite clothing item?


It’s not a clothing item (more of an accessory), but Ravenna loves black handbags.

Does your character have a favorite brand?


Not really

Does your character have a favorite movie?


Yes, Invaders From Mars. The original version. It’s one of the first sci-fi movies he remembers watching with his sister.

Does your character like celebrating their birthday?


Nicole used to, but now she kinda steers away from it, as Colin makes it as miserable as possible for her. Colin likes it, because he knows he can force Nicole to do whatever he wants to her.

Does your character like blackmail?


He doesn’t like it but he’ll do it. And he’s pretty good at it. Or maybe the people around him are really bad at hiding the terrible things they do but want to keep hidden.

Does your character go to bed early or late?


Ravenna likes going to bed at a regular time (which may be considered early to others). The only time she sleeps late is to do work.

Does your character have any health issues?


Z is kind of suicidal, and she’s had a lot of her memories wiped, which really frustrates her
Does your character know how to sew/knit?


He can sew and crochet. Knitting is a no, though.

Does your character make a good babysitter?


Not in the slightest
Does your charcter get emotional easily?


Wren has the driest personality out there. If you see her cry the world is sure to end the next day.

Does you character hate life?


No, definitely not. None of my characters take life for granted, or fail to see the silver lining for long.

Does your character like theme parks?


He likes the idea of them, bringing families together for some fun times. He doesn’t like the cost or the crowds though.

Does your character know their zodiac sign?


Yes, of course.

Does your character have a favorite childhood memory?


Yup! Thaddeus’s favorite memory was when he went on vacation with the girl he had a crush on (who was also his best friend). Unfortunately, that changed after several… Issues between the two of them.

Does your character like coffee or tea?


Both Joachim and Axelia loves coffee.

Does your character get upset easy?


Manny, yes. Roy, no.

Does your character believe revenge is a dish best served cold?


100% a solid yes. She believes revenge should always be served cold, even if it looks hot and sweet on the outside.

Does your character have a hidden talent?