Does your character?


Hunter is amazing at ping-pong/table tennis
Does your character have any tattoos? Do they want to get any?


No tattoos; only scars. So far it doesn’t seem like they’re interested in getting any

Does your character create more problems than fix them?


Definitely Griffin. He doesn’t solve his problems. He just creates more when he tries.

Does your character have trust issues?


Yes Hunter and Z both do
Does your character have any medical conditions?


Does being a pathological liar count?
Does your character has a favourite celebrity?


No, but she hates the movie Blade.

Is your character a person of color?


No but his friends are. One is biracial and the other is black.

Does your character like the city they live in?


Hmm… One of them does. The other two (WIPs) are indifferent about it as that’s not a factor in their angst and conflict.

Is your character a strong female lead?


Seeing as he’s a boy, no. Haha.

Does your character have a strong female in their life(Be it a friend, mother, or girlfriend)?


She is the strong female in her life. XD She doesn’t usually surround herself with females, so not really.

Does your character have a complicated backstory?


No, it’s pretty simple. Average family life intrerupted by aliens.

Does your character like fast food restaurants?


No, she prefers to eat at home.

Does your character have any siblings?


Axelia has two little sisters and Joachim has a little brother.

Does your character want to travel to Istanbul?


Hunter would and so would Z
Does your character want to live forever?


Unless she’s killed, she will. (Vampire)

Is your character supernatural?


No, she is a princess in a imaginary european country.

Does your character have a car?


Yes, she owns a Volvo.

Does your character know how to drive a motorbike?


Yes, she does! Though, it’s not mentioned in the story. I was in a scene I cut out. :slight_smile:

Does your character have good fashion sense?


Yes, Axelia has great taste in fashion.

Does your character live in a house or an apartment?


A large, 3 story house.

Does your character know how to cook?