Does your character?


Yes but she rarely has time for it.

Does your character like to swim in the ocean?


Ravenna prefers to stay out of the ocean, because she knows it’s dirty.

Does your character talk a lot?


Nicole does, but that was restricted heavily when she married Colin. Colin couldn’t stand to hear Nicole’s head strong opinions, so he made her shut up. Elena talks a lot for sure.

Does your character like the doctor’s office?


Ravenna hates it. (So do I. Just went yesterday.) Same with Winston. Griffin doesn’t mind it, because he goes frequently due to his injuries anyway.

Does your character have a passion for anything?


(I went today). If Nicole ever does divorce Colin, then I assure you, it will become a passion for her to speak up on the behalf of so many abused women. Dom’s passion is anything with money. Elena’s… I don’t even know.

Does your character like homework?


Hatrhed hasn’t been in school in, like, 300 years. LOL

Are you character’s parents still alive?


Yes. I believe so… Yeah they’re alive.

Does your character have siblings?


No, she is an only child.

Does your character like games?


Depends on what kind.

Does your character have any unique traits?


Just like her father, Ravenna has the built-in ability to detect the authenticity of people’s facial expressions, even when she’s trying to shut that sixth sense up.

Does your character try to impress anyone?


Nicole tries to “impress” Colin, so that she won’t get a beating from him. I hate that prick. Elena doesn’t try to impress anyone. Neither does Dom.

Does your character cringe at anything?


Ravenna cringes whenever someone tries to act all cool, but they fail horribly. Winston cringes about life. Griffin cringes about nothing. Draven cringes about the same things as Ravenna does. He also cringes when someone says something stupid and they don’t even realize (but like, same).

Does your character find anything disgusting? (If so, what specifically?)


Nicole finds Colin disgusting, and we both know why. Elena finds people chewing with their mouth open kinda disgusting. Dom finds people like Colin disgusting.

Does your character have a big imagination?


Yeah, I’d say Ravenna does. How else does she find creative ways to torture and play with people’s emotions? Winston, not really, but he can be creative in solving problems. Griffin, yes, his imagination is vast and has no limits. Draven is more like Winston.

Does your character have a phobia?


Nicole’s phobia… well I mean she’s kinda jumpy at physical touch with men, considering what Colin did to her. Elena’s phobia is losing everyone around her. Dom’s is heights.

Does your character plan things thoroughly?


Yes, she has to because she’s the leader of a colony of vampires.

Is your character afraid of anything?


Nicole’s seriously afraid of her husband, Colin. That prick has been abusing her for almost their entire marriage, and she has every right to be scared. He’s beaten her, brainwashed her, and done some horrible things. I hate Colin.

Does your character value something?


She values honor.

Does your character get really angry?


Colin gets angry really quickly, and that’s always a bad thing for Nicole, because it means she’ll have to suffer Colin’s wrath.

Does your character know their ancestry?


Yes, Ravenna is well aware of her English and French heritage. I’m sure she has much more in her blood, but that’s the extent of her knowledge. Winston is aware of his Scandinavian ancestry due to his last name, but that’s the limit of his knowledge (I can promise that he has much more that is probably non-European). Griffin knows a lot about his Scottish descent. Draven probably has the most brief, general knowledge of his ancestry.

Does your character have a sixth sense? If so, what is it?