Does your character?


Elena can sense bs from 10 miles away. Dom’s sixth sense is probably emotions. He can tell what’s bugging someone, and the area behind it. Nicole’s sixth sense is a weak spot. Something that’s really sensitive, and that she can talk about with them.

Does your character consider themselves fit?


Absolutely. She spends lots of time in the gym, as a fighter, and even does yoga to keep limber.

Does your character have a favorite food?


I think they all consider themselves fit. Ravenna, because it’s Ravenna. Come on, she’s vain AF. Griffin, yes, because he’s an athlete. Winston for similar reasons to Griffin and he actually works out. Draven is slender and tries to eat healthy, so yeah, he considers himself healthy.

@YKindle: Winston has a preference towards Mexican and Italian food, not sure what specifically. Ravenna is very simplistic and loves varieties, so I doubt she has just one favorite.

Does your character care about what other people say about them?


Everyone couldn’t care less. Nicole used to, but now she’s like “ah screw them.”

Does your character have glasses?


No, and she can see in the relative darkness, being a vampire. But, she does swear fealty to a Blind King.

Is your character tall?


Hmmm… I think Elena’s pretty tall. She’s a good 5’8".

Does your character have a phone?


Yep. Cell phone and all that.

Does your character have a job?


Elena’s at a business, doing marketing. Dom works as a manager for the business department at work. Colin works at some multimillionaire company.

Does your character aspire to be someone?


Yes, she aspires to be the first female member of the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

Is your character in love?


No. Never has been. But Winston has.

Does your character feel obligated to behave a certain way?


Absolutely. She has to hide who her parents are and what her skill is until it’s time to reveal them, so she’s very cautious about how she behaves.

Does your character live in a house?


Yes. A large, 3 story house.

Does your character feel emotions strongly?


Yes, though she’s very level-headed.

Does your character have a big flaw?


They all do. Ravenna values her pride more than anything and that leads her to be stubborn enough that she ends up doing something stupid that she regrets and beats herself over later. Winston is too apathetic due to his depression and lack of drive. He also has a temper that tends to be unreasonably violent. Griffin acts before he thinks and is reckless to the point of constantly hurting himself. Draven is too logical and that makes him a bit insensitive sometimes without meaning to be.

Does your character care about politics?


Mildly. Since she’s a psychiatrist, she has to be aware of certain social factors but other than that, she never gets involved in anything too political.

Does your character have enough confidence to attend a rally of some kind?


Like a political rally? Probably Maurice, because his father is a Senator and Maurice is therefore the least shy about his opinions on politics. But would he actually take the time out of his day to attend a rally? Probably not. Would Ravenna? Probably not, cuz she has mild interest in politics.

Does your character have a lot of confidence in themselves in general?


Avery is confident in what she knows, but doesn’t like to be outside her comfort zone. Jules exudes confidence, regardless of who it irritates.

Does your character have any tattoos?


Not that I know of

Does your character make a big deal out of things?


Avery doesn’t think so, I don’t necessarily agree or disagree.

Does you character have a nervous tic?


No. She doesn’t get nervous a lot.

Does your character have a special ability?