Does your character?


Ravenna has the special ability of being able to detect the authenticity of anyone’s expressions. When she first meets people, she has this natural instinct to just analyze them for their weaknesses and vulnerabilities, which gives her knowledge that she’ll use against them later if need be. She has a built-in b.s. detector that she can’t shut off no matter how many times she wishes she could.

Does your character fear for their life?


Hmm… her life? Not really. But, she does feel fear about her fate. If she reveals herself too soon, she could be “sehcluded”, which means she’s removed from society and put under the control of a male guardian, which would probably be one of the Brotherhood. I think if they’d attempt that, though, she’d kill them.

Does your character use her ability for good?


Never. It’s always for her own benefit.

Does your character stop to think if their actions could affect others?


She does, unless it’s a matter of survival. She’s the leader of a colony, and a good one, so she has their best interests at heart. But, if the Brotherhood, for some reasons, turned on her, all bets are off.

Is your character in love?


She is actually in love with two people! She can’t help it, she didn’t except her first love to come back from the dead.

Is your character a cat or a dog lover?


Axelia is a cat lover and she would love to have one if her parents let her.

Does your character Häagen-Dazs or Ben & Jerrys?


Do you mean prefer? I don’t think they have a preference.

Does your character have a sweet side?


Ravenna, no. Winston, yes. Griffin, all tthe freaking time. Draven, a bit, but it’s rare. He’s usually too logical to let his emotions and feelings take over.

Does your character have friends who are non-European?


I think Elena has a coworker who’s Indian, and they’re great friends. Nicole’s BFF is Bosniak. Dom, I have no clue.

Does your character have a certain build?


Ravenna, slender, slightly curvy. Winston is mostly lean, not too much, because he’s enough to pass as slender if he wore a really loose shirt. Draven is really tall, but really slender and that’s the same deal with Griffin. Griffin’s a bit lankier though, because he’s so tall and skinny at the same time.

Does your character consider themselves tall?


Elena’s a really tall girl. 5’8". Nicole’s 5’5.5" (that’s painful to read). Dom’s probably around 5’7". So yeah they’re all pretty tall.

Does your character own a lot of something in particular?


Ravenna owns a ton of designer black handbags. Just you wait and see. She has shelves lined in her bedroom of just designer black handbags, most of which she hasn’t even used or touched before.

Does your character collect anything?


Elena kinda collects pictures of Nicole and her because she misses her so much.

Does your character torture themselves?


Awww. And yes, Winston does technically torture himself by not reaching out for help. Basically, self destruction. He’s letting himself drown and isn’t trying to live. Ravenna unknowingly (and unintentionally) tortures herself by worrying about things that she shouldn’t care about. Like, who cares about being #1 or trying to dominate the social ladder. But I guess that’s Richard’s fault for making her think that her self worth is based on how much influence she has. So she thinks that if she has none, then she isn’t worth living.

Does your character feel pressured by family?


Oh trust me. Nicole felt so pressured to marry Colin. Actually, she was technically blackmailed. Tanya threatened to hurt Robert if Nicole didn’t marry Colin, and she also threatened Dom and Elena. When she got married to Colin, things got worse. He pressured her to change her appearance, lose weight, and be a certain “way.” I hate some of her family.

Does your character like certain music?


Clyde absolutely loves jazz and classical music, especially since his story takes place in the 1930’s

Does your character feel like some of their friends are fake?


She wouldn’t have fake people as friends, so, no.

Does you character ride a horse?


She does, actually! She does recreational horse riding and owns a pony named Penny.

Does your character know how to make people pay attention to them?


Unfortunately, Avery is always attracting attention that she doesn’t want. I’m sure, however, that if she wanted to gain attention, she would do so in a most unconventional manner.

Does your character enjoy childish things? Like the playground swings, action figures, or jumping castles?


No, she doesn’t really, but she does, as part of her serious workout regiment, dance on a stripper pole. It seriously works your core.

Does your character like to fly?