Does your character?


Oh, hell no. Avery finds that out the hard way.

Does you character have any pets?


Ravenna owns a pony named Penny, but she’s not a home pet. It’s only mentioned briefly once in a future chapter.

Does your character have a favorite dessert or food?


Does everything count?

Does your character have a favorite pizza topping? (random question lol)


(Oh, man, I’m already hungry.) Ravenna wants extra cheese, definitely. :joy: Winston also wants extra, extra cheese (wow, they agree on something for once). Griffin wants pepperoni and pineapples and sausage and bell peppers and just about anything. Draven is cool with pepperoni.

Does your character have a favorite artist?


I’m sure Nicole likes Picasso. I’m sure of it. Elena and Dom don’t really care about that

Does your character like nature?


Ravenna doesn’t like nature itself, but allowing herself alone time around it relaxes her. Winston doesn’t have the capacity to stop and smell the roses. Griffin enjoys nature, because he has the time to enjoy it when he’s not socializing his butt off. Draven has his nose stuck in books, paper work, and other work related stuff. Like Winston, he doesn’t have the time to stop and smell the roses.

Does your character fall in love easily?


I don’t think Nicole’s heart would be able to fall in love that easily, especially after the hell of a marriage she went to. Elena’s a really fierce and bold girl, so she protects a lot of things, including her heart and ability to love. But when she falls in love, she’ll be the best partner ever. Dom… he’s a bit more vulnerable, but he knows when he’s in love.

Does your character live in a neat house?


Very neat. Spotless. Everything has a place where it belongs. The Griseldas are literally obsessed with organization. That trait that runs through the family was heavily emphasized in a chapter that was unfortunately cut out of the prequel (because it was part of the plotline that got cut out). But Ravenna heavily stressed how the house feels so Richard-like because it’s so neat and orderly. Nothing is ever out of place.

Does your character have an obsession with anything?


Not that I know of yet. But I’m sure Colin has some obsession with Nicole.

Does your character have that mindset where they believe nothing they do is wrong?


Richard, definitely. And that mindset obviously seeps into Ravenna too, because her entire mindset all comes from being raised by him. I think that also applies to Maurice, because come on, his father is awful. Heck, now that I think about it, there are many characters who never think they’re at fault and always blame it on anyone else but them.

Does your character have commitment issues?


I’m 349872104987301% sure Colin has cheated on at least 60% of his partners dude. Including Nicole. Nicole tries to stay faithful, because there’s the long lasting fear that Colin will find out about her infidelity and beat her. But Colin’s issues are enormous.

Does your character have a bad past?


I think a lot of them do, even if some of them aren’t aware of it (Ravenna and Maurice for example, have toxic families, even if they don’t realize it). Can’t say about Richard, because they’re spoilers. Winston is well aware of his abusive situation and hates it. Griffin comes from hope, joy, and happiness. He’s not faking his optimistic behavior.

Does your character keep their enemies close or far away?


Nicole’s enemy is primarily Colin, so she distances herself from him as much as possible. She hates that prick.

Does your character take part in lots of extracurriculars?


Ravenna, no, because the Inquisitors take up a lot of her time. They technically are her club, except they’re to the extremes and are more cult-like than anything and you can’t just join because you want to. It takes commitment, invitations, blind obedience, and being a booty-kisser (for the members. For the ringleader, there is no booty-kissing. Just playing the leadership role and making sure no one steps out of line or gets caught.) The whole Inquisitors thing applies to all the other characters. Except Draven and Griffin do lots of extracurriculars and clubs (most of which they had to quit if they were to devote their time as Inquisitors).

Does your character think a lot about the future or are they the type to focus on the present?


Nicole loves thinking about the future. She’d be like “okay, if I get out of here, then I can get a job, find Elena and Dom, find another husband, and live happily.” Colin’s like “I’m going to have kids with her.”

Does your character appreciate the little things in life?


Ravenna doesn’t usually appreciate those pleasant type of little things, but she does acknowledge subtle, small gestures that most people would overlook. Like the small gestures of obedience from Inquisitors members that you can bet she takes a lot of pride in. Draven pays attention to little details, because he’s careful and vigilant, but not enough to appreciate the little things in life. Winston has no time for that either. Only Griffin doesn’t take those things for granted and appreciates every happy moment he has (which is a lot).

Does your character have a long term goal set in mind?


Nicole’s is to get out of her marriage to Colin, find her family, and start a new life. She probably also hopes to start a family of her own.

Does your character like to watch random videos?


Avery is generally fairly directed, but she is likely to end up falling down the YouTube hole and spending way too long searching for things she hadn’t intended.

Does your character prefer slow days, or fast paced days?


Z doesn’t have a preference
Does your character prefer science or art?



Does your character admit to their mistakes?