Does your character?


It depends on the mistake
Does your character have high self esteem?


Nah,Being an abuse victim messed with Anita’s self esteem.
My turn: Is your character homophobic?


No, she is a lesbian herself.

Does your character play games on his/her mobile phone?


Not really, only when she’s extremely bored

Does your character have any allergies?


Reacts badly to dust
Is your character a pacifist?


No. She’s actually the complete opposite of a pacifist.

Does your character have an opinion on politics?


Please. Alec is running for president.
Yes, yes he has an opinion.

Does your character have a problem with hanging out with ‘the wrong sort?’


They’re all what outsiders consider “the wrong sort”. So yes, they all do.

Does your character have any specific ideologies?


Yes, she does. Ami Harper is orthodox.

Does your character have a love interest?


Not yet

Does your character want to become successful?


Well for The MZA characters, they already are; and the majority of my other stories are set in middle-ages-like worlds. So no one in particular.

Does your character drink carrot juice?



Does your character have a favorite place to visit?


Indeed, usually spots where he can watch sunrises or sunsets, preferably spots that are higher in elevation.

Does your character speak more than one language?


Juliet Hamilton speaks fluent English, Spanish, German, French, and Russian.

Does your character have a fear of heights or tight places?


No, they don’t.

Does your character have a phobia? If so, what is it?


Kiara is terrified of heights and spiders. But not a phobia, strictly speaking.

Does your character have a dramatic arc?


That would be a spoiler.

Does your character care about others’ opinions of them?


Does he? hysterical laughter yes, baby, he does #villain

Does your character have a ‘super’ power?


Not a superpower, but a special ability, yes. Ravenna has this keen sense of being able to automatically detect and analyze anyone’s body language. If it’s someone she’s familiar with, she can read them like a magazine. If it’s a stranger she’s meeting for the first time, then that’s where all the in-depth analyzation of weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and mannerisms come in. It’s like her sixth sense that she learned from a very young age.

Does your character have a hidden talent?


Jade is an amazing leader. (we are all shocked lol).

Does your character fangirl over anyone?