Does your character?


Ravenna doesn’t fangirl, because she’s not the type, but she has a secret (an open secret) thing for Maurice. No one talks about it or acknowledges it, but pretty sure most of the Inquisitors know they slept together.

Does your character have an addiction to anything?


Nope. Colin… maybe alcohol, but I’m not sure.

Does your character miss anyone?


Winston misses Cain a lot, although he’d never verbally admit it.

Does your character believe in revenge or forgiveness?


Well, depends on the person. If we’re talking about Elena, then revenge is her middle name :joy: . If it’s Nicole…well, it depends on how much she hated the person and how bad the thing they did was. If they called her a bad name, she’ll be like “nah.” If they’re like Colin, she’d want revenge

Does your character prefer typing over writing?



Does your character have a hard time apologizing?


Elena… yep :joy: Because of the fact she’s very strong willed. Nicole’s the most apologetic person ever. Dom… depends.

Does your character prefer Daylight Savings or the opposite?


Chris would prefer it if daylight savings wasn’t a thing.

Does your character prefer chocolate or candy? (and no. they are not the same thing).


Yeah I know. And Nicole’s a total chocoholic, so chocolate. Dom is candy. Elena is like “sweets? GIMME!”

Does your character get excited easily?


Ravenna? Psh, of course not. She’s never experienced the emotion of excitement, sadly. And in the rare times where she feels something similar or close to it, she never shows it. Griffin gets excited over the little things (aww, Griffie. And no, that’s not his nickname. You’ll find out soon enough. XD)

Does your character hide a big secret?


I’m officially calling him that :joy: Watch me spam your chapters with that XD. Yes, Nicole has a bit of a secret… you’ll find out eventually.

Does your character have a certain taste in something? (like in decoration)


He has an even cuter nickname, but I can’t say anything, because it leads to a spoiler. :joy: Ravenna (and Richard) loves minimalistic organization with a light color scheme (their home is exactly like that). Winston doesn’t decorate. Draven is organized like Ravenna, but he prefers darker colors. Griffin is foreign to the concept of “decoration” and “organization”.

Does your character have a favorite sport?


Dang it… And Nicole was actually on the softball team in high school. She was one of the most valued players. She’s a little bit rusty, since she hasn’t played in a while, but when she gets her skills renewed, then she can crush you. She’s got one heck of an arm and she can score a home run like that snaps fingers. Dom actually introduced her to softball long before she was in high school. So she’s been playing all her life.

Does your character hate spoilers?


Oh, Ravenna hates it with all her guts. (Not nearly as much as she hates sports, P.E., and jocks, but close enough). The reason she actually enjoys books and T.V. shows is because it makes her feel good about herself when she exercises her brain and her theories end up correct and she connected all the dots. If she got spoiled, the whole thing would be ruined and it would indirectly affect her pride. And if you touch Ravenna’s pride, then R.I.P. (my prayers are with you). Winston doesn’t care and sometimes even enjoys spoilers. Draven doesn’t like spoilers, because he likes figuring things out himself (like Ravenna, but not the prideful, arrogant kind). For Griffin, it depends. If you spoil Spongebob, he’d be sad. If you spoiled a death, then he’d be prepared for it and would feel less sad (which is good for Winston and Griffie’s other friends, because he affects their mood).

Does your character want kids?


I’m counting on you to organize my funeral XD. And of course Nicole wants kids. I mean, not right now, as she’s still really young, and she’s not escaped from Colin. Once she finds a partner she actually loves, she’ll have kids.

Does your character have good posture?


The OREOS have already been prepared. :joy: And yes, Ravenna, Richard, and Maurice all have good, posh posture, having come from families with high expectations, an intact reputation, and a desire to look “good”. Griffin tries, because as an athlete, he gets injured a lot (even if he weren’t, he’d still break bones), but sometimes, he can’t help slouching on a couch during a Spongebob marathon. Draven also has good posture, but I didn’t mention him above, because he isn’t rich like the first three (just well-off, not wealthy). Winston has the worst posture out of all of them.

Does your character have one country they really want to visit someday?


Nicole wants to travel to literally every single European country. Her dad speaks 4 languages (English, Dutch, German, and Bokmal Norwegian) and he even lived in each country for a little bit. She’s heard great things about all of them. I think she wants to go to Norway because it was her dad’s favorite, and she wants to see. (I think Robert may have a touch of Norwegian in him).

Does your character have a wish they want to be granted?


Ravenna wants everything to go her way: get into a prestigious college and into their business school (Harvard, likely, since they have a business school and a prestigious name), then get a high rank into the business industry, leave a mark, and continue on the family legacy. All the while being at the top of the food chain/social ladder. In simple words: make her father proud. Winston just wants to be left alone. If that’s not possible, then death. Draven just wants to do well in everything he ends up pursuing. Griffin just wants to stay a kid forever and never have to grow up and worry about adult responsibilities.

Does your character believe that a single person could make the world a better place?


Absolutely not. They’re incredibly cynical.

Does your character believe they’re a hero or could become one?


Not at all. She knows she’s the villain in most of everyone else’s story, and she’s proud of it.

Does your character lash out when angry?


Yeah, Ciecro has gotten a little rep in lashing out when angry. It hasn’t gotten to the point of doing it to those he’s close to, but it might get there eventually.

Does your character have a background in education?