Does your character?


Nope, except for Scott who used to train military recruits
Does your character have a comfort food?


Erin is a vegetarian after years of working for a Necromancer, but she will wreck some bacon. If that isn’t around, noodles.

Name a scenario in which your character would willingly slap their mother in the face.


Z and Hunters mother are dead
Does your character ever consider murder


Erin not only considers it, but commits it several time in her life. She comes from a long line of monster hunters, so the concept of taking a life doesn’t carry the same weight as it would in a normal household.

What is your character’s guilty pleasure? Something they would be embarrassed if others knew, preferably.


Hunter’s (besides motorbiking) would be crappy karaoke singing
Does your character have a song that describes their life?


“Talk” by Daya, for Jade fits really well.

Does your character have any really close (platonic) friends they would do anything for?


Erin literally summons a demon to save her foster brother, Jay. She later beats a vampire unconscious with a baseball bat for her best friend, Chandrell.

What mundane activity is your character terrible at doing?


Jade is horrible at sitting still. Does that count?

Does your character know how to dance (dance, dance ppl. Not that weird thing they do in highschool dances these days.)(Do I sound like an old man? I hope not).


Erin: I can do the Carlton.
William: I would welcome the embrace of the final sleep before you could make me.
Joseph: Sugar, I’ve been running nightclubs since the 50’s. What do you think?

What is your character’s dream car?


Weeeellll. Mark owns a Ferrari. (466 Pista). So he kinda already has it?
(yes, I am aware that I spoil my characters. Thank you.)

Does your character like math?


No from Erin. Joseph isn’t good at it. He had no formal education until after he became a vampire. William is fond of it.

If your character could meet anyone in the world, who they choose?


Duplicity would have a hard time choosing between Brendan Urie and Christopher Paolini
if your character was in a band what instrument would they play


Jasmine would either be the singer or play guitar. When she met Elliot at a party, she took his guitar and played a song.

Does your character care about what’s going on outside their country?


Yes. Mostly because the other countries surrounding Zevenmere are threatening to invade. (Which would be very bad).

Does your character know how to use a sword? Edit: properly?


William: Yes, but my aim is a bit off since I lost my eye.
Joseph: I can use a fencing foil.
Erin: I know which end is supposed to point away from me.

Can your character use a firearm?


Yes. Very well. All of the MZA can.

Does your character have any siblings?


Nicole has two siblings. One brother and one sister. Their names are Dominic and Elena, respectively. I think Colin has one brother, but he’s probably estranged

Does your character have a fear?


Not being enough.

Does your character have a best friend?


No, Ravenma doesn’t consider anyone “friends”, because that’s a term of equality and she doesn’t want to be seen as an equal, but rather a superior. But I daresay Draven is the companion she appreciates the most.

Does your character have a dream?


Yeah. Talia wants to see the world.

Does your character do any sports?