Does your character?


Ravenna hates sports so much that she’d ban them if she could. She hates anything jock, P.E., or physical activity-related. But Griffin does track and field religiously. Winston used to play football, but he quit.

Does your character have a good social life?


William: I could stand to have less of one.
Joseph: Mine is damn fine :heart: (OK. I can’t get into a serious relationship after that shit show with Lydia and I’m kind of lonely but I have alcohol and hallucinogens and myself so I’m good)
Erin: I spend too much time with William to have a social life. :frowning:

What song does your character know by heart? And is it because they like it or because it gets stuck in their head?


Juliet: Style - Taylor Swift. It’s always stuck in my head because Mark is always singing it.
Mark: Heyyy.

Does your character want to have kids one day?



Does your character generally get along with others?


No. 'nuff said

Does your character have a pet?


William: I made Erin a skeleton cat.
Joseph: That would be a bad Idea. I’m kind of irresponsible.
Erin. My cat is a skeleton. :upside_down_face:

What job would they absolutely despise?


The worst job that my character Allie could think of is to be one of those people who suck all the stuff out of port a potties (sorry if I butchered the spelling). She has OCD, so that would be one of her worse nightmares.

What type of animal would your character adopt if they had to adopt one?


Erin: inhales
William: Why did you do this?
Joseph: We’re going to be here a while.
Erin: I want ALL the stray cats and dogs in the world and I want two snakes and a barn owl and at least four goats, an emu but not an ostrich because those guys are dicks, and I want some geese and ducks, a couple more goats, a tarantula named Frank, a peacock, some doves, an apiary, a whole house if butterflies, a tiger, a mountain lion, a horse rambles until she is forced to inhale again

Speaking of animals, if your character could be one, what would they be?


June would be a black panther. Dramatic, calculating, intelligent, and oddly fond of climbing trees.

If your character was told by a complete stranger that they were about to die, how would they react?


Duplicity would shrug it off he has a habit of living to the frustration of his enemies
Does your character prefer baths or showers


Ravenna does a mix of both, but I think she finds baths more relaxing.

Does your character have a nickname?


Yeah, Vragon is often called “Vray” by his friends. Though, they also call him “Vee” when they want to rile him up.

Does your character know how to do math well?


Z and Hunter do
Does your character fall asleep easily?


Yes but sadly because he’s slowly dying of a disease

Does your character like the idea of being rich?


She doesn’t really care for it because she’s already rich and very humbled about it

Does your character have any weird addictions?


No. Not really.

Does your character feel the need to justify themselves a lot?


A bit. Anna’s decisions impact thousands of lives. She has the need to consider and justify everything to herself because she doesn’t want to make the wrong choice. “Am I doing this to save thousands of lives? Or am I doing this because I want to be reunited with my love?” That kind of stuff, lol.

Does your character do drugs? If so, why or why not?


William: All of the caffeine. All of it. It doesn’t even do anything but he’s addicted.
Joseph: Liquor and the whole rainbow of hallucinogens. It’s a coping mechanism.
Erin: She gets hooked on substances that make magic easier. After a power trip of epic proportions, she spend some time chasing the rush. She comes off off them in her mid twenties.

What is your character’s favorite thing to do when no one is watching?


Climb onto the Tower roof. It’s a little taste of freedom, but one Talia never gets when Adyln is around because it’s not exactly safe.

Does your character like to do dangerous/reckless things just for the thrill of it?


Hehehe Elena does. I swear, she’d probably skateboard off of a cliff onto another, with a 500 foot drop in between, and she’d do it for kicks. It’ll get her killed one day.

Does your character have any physical disabilities?